Low Abdomen Pain

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maggie - September 9

i'm only five weeks pregnant but have constant niggling lower abdomen pain, and last night saw that i had a brown (like old blood ) discharge, should i be visiting my doctor? Is it likely i'm going to miscarry?


Cathy - September 9

I was told if it is brown it is just old blood and nothing to worry about. But if you are still concerned by all means call your doctor, that is what they are there for.


Alycia - September 9

I'm not sure about the discharge, but I have the lower abdomen pain/cramping as well. I have since before I knew I was pregnant (I'm 5w4d now). Good luck.


EH - September 9

Not sure about the spotting, but I asked my doc about the lower-ab pain yesterday and she said it's totally normal and very common.


Dawn - September 9

Menstral like cramping is perfectly normal during pregnancy - many women experience throughout the entire pregnancy as the baby grows and your uterus stretches to accomodate the growth. As for the spotting, it's not at all unusual to see some spotting (especially in the beginning) due to implantation bleeding, the placenta growing, etc. Brown blood is "old" blood and usually isn't a real concern. If you see bright red blood, clots, or are bleeding heavy like a period, you'll want to contact your doctor or visit the ER. I know it's hard not to worry!


Maria - September 9

I was told today that I was 7w 4d pregnant when I had my ultrasound. I did not expect it! I started having brownish spotting around the second week of August, right around the time I was expecting my period so I thought it was coming and I did have a little bleeding one day thinking that I was going to get my period, but it went back to the brownish-like blood, this continued to happen through the second week when I once again had heavy bleeding and thought I would get my period but it I didn't and it continued to happen for this third week. I went to a clinic two days ago and they told me that I was pregnant so I asked "how do you explain the heavy bleeding on three occasions?" the doctor said "well you could be in the middle of a miscarriage" I was soooo scared then so I called to find a doctor who was taking new patients in (since I didn't currently have one) The doctor sent me to have a blood test and urine test as well as an ultrasound today, where I saw my baby who already has a heartbeat and everything! I was able to hear it I was soooo excited! However I am still concerned because I am still spotting and the last time that I bled was two day ago. I am sooo worryed. My next scheduled appointment is in two weeks but I don't think I can wait that long. I have been experiencing cramping for the last little while and it is coming from the exact location where my baby is. I am so scared. Good luck on that maggie I feel where you are coming from.



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