Low HCG Level Starting To Rise

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Suzie - January 26

I need some opinions please.. my LMP was on Dec 21st not sure when i O'd because i was on my first round of clomid..my first HCG # which was taken on Jan 21st was 149 and the second one taken on the 24th was 164 and the third on the 26th finally doubled and is 312 i have no spotting and no cramps. i was just wondering what my chances were? anyone ever had a low HCG and had a normal pregnancy?


Jo - January 27

I am going thru the same thing as you and i have heard of women pulling thru and having babies after all, hopefully one of them will answer your plea,,,good luck


Suzie - January 27

thanks Jo, may i ask what your #'s are? keep me posted :)


vanessa - January 30

I had very low HCG levels with my last pregnancy and was told that by a doctor that I was probably miscarrying. As I has previously miscarried I was devistated and went home and cried all day. I never did miscarry and my daughter is now 3 years old. Give it some time, things could just be a bit slow getting going. All the best


Suzie - January 30

thanks vanessa for responding. just wondering...did you happen to have any brown (old blood) spotting with that pregnancy?


Jo - January 31

Okay, im about to go nuts here....first of all Suzie, my levels on the 19th was 2251, then 2 days later it was 23 something, only going up 100 points....i did have some blood tinged discharge this past friday and i thought for sure i was going to miscarry this weekend but it stopped!,,,,i called the nurse and told her that i want another hcg test today cuz this is making me crazy. whats goin on with you now??


pene - February 1

Hi there, Unfortunatly my slow rising HCG levels and bleeding led to an ectopic pregnancy which I am just recovering from, I was so glad to find this website to get some answers and support from others. SUzie I wish you luck and hope it is all good for you, from my research slower rising HCg in earlier pregnancy can indicate a number of things, have you had any ultrsounds yet? I had one at 6 wks but they couldnt see anything in my uterus so had another at 6 wks 5 days and they saw the ectopic. I am not trying to scare you at all but am sure that things will be a bit clearer when you have u/s. I will pray for you


Jo - February 1

Well my news isnt so good either, my hcg levels yesterday went down to 1500 and i just started bleeding about 2 hours ago. i hope to pa__s it on my own without a dnc. good luck to the rest of you...Im sorry pene and i hope you recover quickly.


pene - February 1

jo I am so sorry to hear this, i have found it quite theraputic still reading some of these posts even tho i am no longer pregnant but i am in recovery phase. How many weeks are you at present? I will keep my fingers crossed for you but it doesnt sound too promising i must say. It is very rea__suring to know you arnt the onkly one, and at least you know you can get pregnant. We are going to see a fertility specialist to look at ivf due to me now onlky having one tube and i am 41, hope you get thu this okay


kim - February 4

hi. to me, this sounds good. i only wish it for me. you did double from the 24th to the 26th- that is a good sign. what does your doctor say? perhaps you can continue to test and see if it has gone up since. prayers for you. by the way, i am wondering too: i had a 60% rise from day 18 to day 20 on hcg. i have to do another hcg test and i just pray it will double. good luck


Suzie - February 4

well, bad news :( the latest test was 160 so the #'s are going down. Jo and pene...are you going to ttc again? I am going to ttc after next normal AF....my time clock is running out!


Renee - February 7

my HCG was 14.5 on Feb 4th--on Feb 6th it went to 25.6. No bleeding/spotting. I go in again tomorrow for another HCG and pray that it continues to rise. These numbers are very low but from what i've been reading, there is still hope!


pene - February 7

Hi Suzie, yes i am going to try again as my time clock is fast running out we may try IVF but see what follow up speciaist apt brings on 25th Feb, good luck


J - February 9

My doc has never told me anything about HCG #'s should she be?


Renee - February 9

Unfortunately, my HCG numbers did not double on third blood test. Doctor told me my pregnancy would not continue. I started to spot brown blood when i went to bathroom and today red blood with clots came out. Needless to say, I misscarried. I will try again ASAP


citrouille - February 9

HI Renee so sorry to hear about your m/c. I miscarried in November and I know that it is a very difficult thing to go through! Is this your first? Do you have kids already? It is quite common to have at least one miscarriage. Give yourself some time and when you feel ready you can try again (give yourself at least a cycle!) Sending you lots of hugs.


Renee - February 18

Thank you for your kind words citrouille! Yes, this is my first try at getting pregnant! I turned 40 yesterday-- I will try again next month--I'm waiting for my HCG to get back down to Zero. I hung at 22 for two weeks-docs thought it was etopic but just most recent blood test showed its down to 12. I pray that by my next cycle i can try again! Do you have children or are you currently pregnant?



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