Low HCG Level Starting To Rise

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Renee - February 18

Thank you for your kind words citrouille! Yes, this is my first try at getting pregnant! I turned 40 yesterday-- I will try again next month--I'm waiting for my HCG to get back down to Zero. I hung at 22 for two weeks-docs thought it was etopic but just most recent blood test showed its down to 12. I pray that by my next cycle i can try again! Do you have children or are you currently pregnant?


tracy - February 20

Hi Suzie Congrats. I am early ibn my pregnancy. My last LMP was 1/10 found out on 2/14 SWEET. My HCG was 788 which I was told only made me about 4 days along. Very confusing. I am checking mine again tomorrow, see I work for a gyn not OB just gyn. I still have to schedule with an OB tomorrow as well. Good Luck to you. Hope everything goes well.


Leigh - February 20

I'm going throught the same thing as everyone on here. It's comforting to see I'm not alone. I had an hcg on Feb 16 & was 412. Feb 18 & was 413. Feb 20 & was 472. The doctor said I was probably going to miscarry but I refuse to give up. I also had a progesterone level drawn which will not be back for a week. My dr says this is more indicative of a healthy pregnancy. I will also have an ultrasound on Tuesday and I'm really nervous. After getting my hcg of 472 today, I cried all day, my husband cried, and I felt like something inside was dying. But again, I refuse to give up and I won't give up until I miscarry. Then, I'll cry again and try again. Good luck to everyone and I will pray for all you ladies. Please keep in touch.


M - March 10

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and my hcg level is only 391. It started very low at 44 (4 wks) and then 198 (5 wks). I am going for an ultrasound next week and I am terrified to miscarry. This is my first pregnancy and I have struggled with infertility. It is so hard to hope for the best but expect the worse.


Nina - March 10

Hi all, Today i got the results, 7 weeks, hcg didn't rise much. it suppose to double. already had 2 m/c and i am very scared to lose it again. Found this website and reading about your entries..make me feel not so alone. so hard to have a baby. Take care all.


M - March 11

I went for an ultrasound yesterday afternoon instead of waiting until next week. They couldn't see a sac in my uterus. Doctor tells me it may not have grown or it may be planted in the wrong place. I am not in pain or bleeding so doc is not worried that it's in my tube. Got another hcg test done today. I'll find out results tomorrow. Anyone have a happy ending to a similar situation?


Cami - May 4

Wow, it's amazing to see how many women really struggle with the same issues, I have had 2 ectopic pregnancies, leaving me with one tube and ovary and I have also miscarried once, I am now pregnant again and the doctor is concerned about my HCG level not rising, it was 243 on 4/29 and only 284 on 5/2, I just had another one drawn today and am waiting on the results, I've sat in prayer the last week knowing the Lord has it in his hands, I still have the hope that with low HCG levels everything can still be normal. I wish all you the best!!! May God bless you and your families


Renee - May 17

Here's my story--on 5/7 I took hpt and it showed faint positive--took blood test on 5/9 showed positive but with hcg level of only 43.7. By Monday evening i was spotting brown and by Tuesday was full flow period. on Wed 4/11 i did another blood test and it was hcg 41.6. Thought for sure it was over! Then on Saturday 5/14 i went in for another blood test and the hcg went up to 113 (more than double) then this past Monday 5/16 it was at 235! (more than double). I'm going crazy! I go in for another blood test tomorrow--hope it has more than doubled again. Doc thinks perhaps that since i was on fertility (gonal F) that perhaps i had more than one embryo in there and one detached, hence the bleeding. You just never know---I've been reading that some women are slow risers and have perfectly normal pregnancies--i hope i'm one of the lucky ones! I've already had one m/c. Has this happened to anyone else?


Renee - May 20

well, Wednesday's hcg went up to 500! I go in on 5/23 for an u/s--wish me luck


Cami - May 21

Congradulations Renee! I will keep you in prayer. It's been just over 2 weeks now since I had to take the methotrexate shot. My last draw had dropped to 274 and I was having a tubal. I know there is still hope for everyone.


Renee - May 22

Cami, sorry to hear about your ectopic. Did you have severe pain a__sociated with it? I go in for an u/s tomorrow but wondered if pain would come as a first sign of ectopic. I feel good..no pain


Renee - May 23

Well, I just got back from doctor--the u/s shows a sac in my uterus! Doc said it was too early to tell if it was empty or not. I go back in next Monday for another u/s--she said it should double in size by then. I also had another blood draw--hopefully showing my hcg levels in the 2000 range!


Renee - May 23

:( just got the call from my blood draw--hcg is now at 1058--i would have hoped it would be in the 2000 range. I will go in in two more days for another test. Man--talke about an emotional rollercoaster!


Renee - May 24

well--a mix up with number its 1585--should still be 2000 but it's sure better than 1000


Jaybee - July 1

Leigh, My wife and I experienced a similar pregnancy to yours regarding HCG levels that leveled off for a 5-6 days during weeks 5-6. Unfortunately, we never saw anything but an empty sac. How did you make out? I am curious to know if any one has experienced a leveling off of HCG during weeks 5 and 6 with no signs of a fetus (just an empty sac) and eventually things turned around with a healthy birth. Best of luck to all.


Tina - August 10

I too had an hcg test, on July 28, it was 1670, I should have been about 6 weeks pregnant at that time, then 8-9-05 because I had some brown spotting, they redid the hcg test, the numbers are now at 7090, not quite doubling every 5 days. I do not know what to think, and am scheduled for another hcg on 8-15-05. An u/s done on 8-8-05 showed a yolk sac, but no fetus, unless she was hiding! I am also scheduled for another u/s on 8-16-05. Was wondering if anyone else has had low hcg levels and went on to have a normal pregnancy and deliver a baby? Thank you;



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