Low HCG Levels

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mmys - August 30

Hi,I am 5 weeks pg. my HCG counts are very low. at 4 weeks after my LMP I went to the doctor complaining severe stomach cramps. After taking HCG test on 8/21, the count showed 40, on 8/23 the count was 80, now after 6 days i.e, 8/29 the count is 156. I continue to have mild stomach cramps and brownish spotting. Now I have stopped going to work and completely under bedrest as per doctor's advise.............please anyone help me. I am very badly tensed with least idea whats happening with me. this is the first time I have concieved.


Lissa - August 30

I don't want to scare you but when I was five weeks my hcg levels were 13,000. I think that was pretty high though. I would request an u/s asap. At my 5 wk u/s they were able to see the sac, fetal pole and we heard the h/b. Just to put your mind at ease I would have them do the scan. HCG levels vary so much from person to person and are not a really good indicator. My did not double like they were supposed to even though they were high and I had the u/s then. Good luck!


mmys - September 1

okay..........not much people joining in........please if anyonr has gone through sucha situation and things went well....please share with me


MAT - September 1

Sorry I don't have anything personal to share, but I did see another chain covering this topic ( I can't find it now). Some women were saying that their hcg levels stay so low that they don't test positive on the hpt for months! Did they tell you what your progesterone level is? Any plans to do an ultrasound? Here is a chart from american pregnancy - http://www.americanpregnancy.org/duringpregnancy/hcglevels.html looks like your numbers are still in the normal range for 5 weeks.


MAT - September 1

hey - I looked at the post and it added a few extra dashes. If the url doesn't work, try removing the dashes!


mmys - September 7

I finally had a mc last friday. it was a horible experience. Bleeding or spotting is definetely a indication of a problem. Everyone take care and Good Luck :-) Hoping things things go fine with me next time......................


LoVeLyMoMmY - September 7

ok not to scare you wither but i got a pos blood test result back and my count was 30...then 2days later i started cramping and beelding..it is now down to 11 i havent finished miscarrying yet i have to go back and see tues if its all gone...BuT the good news for you is that...when you get tested for hcg they want the first test (early) to be over 50...then it should double every 2 days...so if yours started at 40 then to 80 and now 156...thats pos and it is at least going up...but i would as lissa said get an u/s...to ease your mind...say something...i want to make sure alls ok..i want an ultra sound..the doctor should not give you any problems but i dont know your docs....good luck


Lady_tee - September 9

Well stress is not good for you or your baby. I had that problem with my second child and she came out perfectly healthy just follow the instructions of your healthcare provider and absolutely no activity that will cause a stain to you


angie and baby - September 10

I am sorry for your loss. I have had the same problems. 3 m/c's. The first and third, they said were chemical pregnancies. The second was like yours, the HCG doubled then plummeted. I am pregnanct again 8w 4d, and the fertility DR just figured out this pregnancy that it is my progesterone. My body does not produce enough, which causes your HCG to not go up as it should. This pregnancy I have to use v____al suppositories (Prometrium 3xday). I am hoping this information may help someone else in the future. It is very hard having m/c, and any advice could be helpful in future preg.



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