Low HCG Levels Not Doubling But Rising A Little

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elmo422 - August 20

I am supposed to be 11 weeks, but my hCG levels are only in the 8000- which should be for around 7-8 weeks pregnant. My LMP was 6/3/08, im usually pretty accurate as I already have 2 boys and there pregnancies were a breeze. I also had some spotting, not enough to use a pad, only when I wipe. it started pink, quickly went to dark red- brown and then brown. It has been this way for the past three days and has lightened up with each day. Not really any cramps, just an achy feeling. My hCG levels went from 8000 on 8/18 to 8750 on 8/20 so not very much. Im not sure whats going on or what to think, am I miscarrying? would love your input. The doctor is supposed to call in the morning, hopefully to schedule an u/s- I am getting sick of all this waiting!! Its driving me crazy


Kristin72 - August 21

I just read this post. How are you doing? I hope everything works out for you. Best of luck to you!!


elmo422 - August 21

Im doing fine thanks for asking- still waiting for doctor to call back on what to do next. still spotting but nor cramps or pain. I hate all this waiting its cruel.


mustangca__sie - August 30

I had the same thong and it sucks because there is nothing you can do. The time goes SO slowly. The hcg does sound low and from my experience, it doesn't lie. You are at 11 weeks and for some, the increase starts slowing down. Keep posting. Best of luck!


elmo422 - August 30

I did end up having an ultrasound and the bay had a hearbeat and was measuring at 11 weeks, it was rea__suring, but I still felt uneasy about it. The bleeding continued, it turned more red and i did miscarry on Wed. Thank for those who responded. Its a bummer, but we can always try again, this was my first miscarry after having two healthy boys. My oldest was a little diappointed, but what can you do. Hopefully next time will be a healthy pregnancy with good outcome.


mustangca__sie - August 30

Elmo, I know how you feel. The exact thing happened to me at 12 weeks. I had bleeding but I had 3 u/s that showed alittle bub with a good strong heartbeat but the HCG was never right. never doubling like it should but once I got the U/s i felt a little better but like you, something did not sit right. Then I went for my Down syndrome scan and the H/B had stopped about a wk before and was measuring 11.5 weeks. I had to have a DC cos my bleeding stopped and I just wanted it over with. That was in june . But the thing I learnt is the Hcg NEVER lies... This was my first and hopefully i'll be pregnant again soon with a healthy bub. best of luck to you.


jodeey - August 31

My HCG never doubled right either. I am 12 weeks 3 days today. I really hope I fall into the 10% of women that go on to have a healthy baby, but looks like that is pretty unlikely. I am more worried now that I am reading mustangca__sie's response!! My last ultrasound was at 11 weeks 5 days, and baby was measuring perfect hb of 174.


mustangca__sie - September 1

Jodeey, Sorry if I made you freak out. It sounds like you are getting along just fine. My baby had major chromosonal problems that they could see on the ultra sound even at 11 weeks. If you haven't had any signs.... I had lots. Instead of being sleepy all the time, i felt normal. My b___sts weren't aching and I felt different. i also had spotting on and off the whole time. And the hcg being off. So there were always lots of signs. Am trying again now. I hope you are in the 10% and please don't listen to me. I am one example.


jodeey - September 1

mustangca__sie - thanks for your response. I haven't had anything go wrong yet. No spotting, cramping.... but I also have no morning sickness either. That kind of worries me, but I guess it's ok :) Just looking through all the posts - even on google searches, they say there is little chance for a viable pregnancy with slow-rising HCG. And honestly, I haven't seen a post with the worries turn out good. I am 12.5 weeks pregnant now, and my doc said not to worry.... as if that were so easy, right?



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