Low Heart Rate

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Shan - October 13

I am 8wk pregnant, conceived by IVF. My scan yesterday showed fetal pole measuring 5mm, indicative of 6w3d, yolk sac 7mm, heart rate in low 80s. I read on the net, combination of growth discrepency, yolk sac size and heart rate means poor prognosis. I have repeat scan in 9d. What are the odds of things being OK and does this increase the risk for fetal malformation, if the pregnancy progresses? Thanks.


stef - October 14

shan- i'm now 8w prego. my baby is measuring 6cm at 6w4d the hb was 124. I heard anything under 120 is really low and is not a normal pregnancy. Hopefully things will turn around but that doesn't look good. They want my babys hb at 140-160 by my 12 week ck. Good luck to you.


To Stef - October 14

My daughters hb was 118 at 6 wks. By 18 she was up to 142. I have read that when the heart starts beating in the beginning, it can take it a few days to get into a healthy pace. My daughter just turned three and is as healthy as can be. Her measurement were two days behind. By week 18, they were two weeks early. She came 1 1/2 weeks early! Keep the faith.


Stef 2 - October 15

I am Stef (2)too. I wouldn't say under 120 isn't a normal pregnancy to someone who is going through it. I had a doctor with a bedside manner like that. She wasn't very compa__sionate!!!! Especially since you are not her doctor. I went through the very same thing and my story didn't turn out well, but I have a friend and her baby had a slow heart beat as well....and she carried to term and had a healthy baby! So don't give up hope yet. You just never know what God has planned. Good luck~and God bless!


Shan - October 17

Thank you, my friends.


sm - October 17

Shan, hope it works out for you, it is hard to know what to think, i too had a scan and am behind in dates (measured 6 w 5 day, low h/b, should be closer to 8 weeks, did opk and have regular cycle so like your ivf am quite sure of my dates). Everything i have read on the net tells me to expect m/c (another one) but the sonographer said 50/50 chance and she had seen slow h/b behind date pregnancies 'catch up' and done 20 week scans on the same. I have about 10 days waiting for next u/s......


stef - October 17

I was just stating what my ultrasound tech and dr told me. Anything at 6week should be over 120. Otherwise they consider that a possibility for abnormal pregnancy. usually they like to wait and get a better reading at 12weeks. thats why i mentioned that. Low 80's is a low hb. i'm sure if her dr was concerned they would do more tests. I don't look bad upon anything until they actually happen.



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