Low Heart Rate Always A Bad Outcome

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joleenb - November 6

I'm 28 y/o and pregnant for the first time. We found out on the 19th. I had a dr's visit on the 22nd and then I had my first u/s to see how far along I was on the 24th. My first u/s registered me at 5wk3d but we could only see the sac. I had another u/s yesterday and the good news was there was definitely a baby in the sac and there was a heartbeat. I should have been 7wk1d, but they registered me at 6wk4da... Unfortunately the heartbeat was only 65, dr says should be between 120-160?!?!? Obviously I'm freaking out eventhough the doctor says it could just be a fluke. I'm not having any unusual cramping or spotting and I have another u/s on the 8th. Does anyone have any positive results in such situations?


sarah21 - November 6

It could just be that the baby was very still or something. It is not always a sign of the end, but it is a cause for concern. Just try your best to relax until you get another ultrasound and I'll be praying that things even out in there! Since you haven't had any cramping or spotting it looks like everything is most likely fine.


cynnababy - November 6

Joleen, I am sorry that you have to go through this. Sometimes, the u/s might not pick up the correct heartrate. Your baby is only 4 days behind on the u/s which is a good sign. I had the same problem with my previous pg, but unfortunately, mine didn't turn out good. My first u/s, i was suppose to be 7w 6d, but u/s show my baby is only 6w5d, and heartrate of only 77bpm. 10 days later, my baby's heartrate was gone. I hope you will have a better outcome than mine.


joleenb - November 9

i just wanted to update anyone who may have read this...unfortunately yesterday when we went in to the doctor there was no heartbeat. it stopped within the 3 days. unfortunately i wasn't one of the few miracle stories i had read about.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 9

Im so sorry Joleen, I really dont know what else to say. I am truly sorry for your loss. my thought and prayers are with you. hope to see you back on here, when you are ready. -Heather<3



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