Low Heartbeat 80 At 6 Week Ultrasound

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3formeihope - November 8

Hi. I had my 6 week ultrasound today, and the tech was disappointed to see the hb at 80. She said it is supposed to start at 100. My doc is at a conference today, but his nurse agreed that it should start at 100. She sounded grim and said that I would have to wait to talk with the doctor. I looked online and it seems that a heartbeat this low has a huge risk of loss (I read 79%). Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Thank you so much. I'm so worried, but I would like to be prepared either way.


MNMOM - November 8

I had my first US this week also at 6 weeks and the nurse said anything over 90 is what they want to see, so yours is definitely low. I don't know what this will mean for you, I am sure your doctor will check it out and talk to you about it. Good luck


SaraH - November 8

the tech is wrong. The rate does not start out at 100. At about 22 dpo the heart starts beating. When it begins the heart beat starts at about the same rate as the mothers (presumably about 80 bt/min). It then increases by about ~3.3 beats a day until it reaches about 180 bt/min (around 8w). The rate than decreases to the standard 120-160 rang of typical fetal rates. So if you're little ones heart just started beating in the last day or so it could be much lower than 100. Although obviously since it was right at 80, it is something you want to check with you're doc on. There is a web site for renting Doppler’s that I'll see if I can find as it lists fetal heart rate info. Post back if I find it. Good luck


eb - November 9

Hi, I am going through the same thing. I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow, had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and was told the same thing. I go for my 3rd ultrasound on Mon. I'm very nervous and the dr saying just wait and see. The baby is growning fine , the heartrate is just a lower than they like to see. Although my heartrate and bloodpressure run on the low side, so i don't know if that matters or not. I'll keep you posted. Best of luck to you.


bonkdoles - November 10

I have been reading a lot of questions similar to yours. From what I have read, 6 weeks is really early. My baby didn't have a heart beat at 6 weeks and only showed being 5w6d, when I went back it had a heart beat but it was only 51. It also only went to 6w1d and it was a week later. I would be cautiously optomistic if I were you. I am pretty terrified. I have been doing fertility and it has taken me almost 2 years to get pregnant, good luck.


Mommy_to_be - November 10

At 6 weeks, 6 days, my baby's heartbeat was 172. You should ask for another ultrasound to determine the heart rate when you are 8 weeks gestation. If the heart rate has risen, your baby should be okay, if not, you are at risk of losing the pregnancy. I hope everything turns out okay. Good luck.


Mommy_to_be - November 10

I found this on a obstetric ultrasound site : A slow fetal heart beat is generally speaking significant and indicates unwell in the fetus. Normal heart rate at 6 weeks is 90-113 bpm and at 9 weeks is 144-170 bpm. At 5-8 weeks a bradycardia (<90 bpm) is a__sociated with a high risk of spontaneous abortion of some 80%. (Benson CB, Doubilet PM. Radiology 1994; 192: 343-4). Other signs are also important in the a__sessment such as the size of the yolk sac and the amount of amniotic fluid.


DownbutnotOUT - November 11

I had my 2nd u/s at 6 weeks 5 days (baby only measure 6 weeks 2 days) and my little ones heart beat was 121 and I had a u/s 2 days ago and the heart beat was 176. Your little ones heart is probably just starting to get faster I would wait till my next u/s to see if it has gone up before I get really concerned. good luck.


3formeihope - November 14

I went for my follow-up ultrasound. The heart rate went up from 80 to 125! Yeah! Thank you all so much for your support and information. It made waiting for the ultrasound much easier. I haven't heard from my OB yet, but I think he'll want another ultrasound just to make sure it's still where it should be in a week or so. Thanks again.


Mariefe - November 14

Hi im new here and like others i also have some worries. I had my u/s and was said 4-5 weeks pregnant. The u/s showed only the yolk as it is just a very early development of pregnancy. I went back after 2 &1/2 weeks for my second u/s. I was told that my fetus is too small and no heartbeat can be found yet. But my gynae said the yolk is bigger now and the fetus is already visible but very small than usual. she said lets just consider this a success but i need to go back next week. I went back home with a little worries and also the counting of weeks was wrong. Im supposd to be 7 weeks now but was only said its probably six weeks. Im terrrified,,,, i hope its gonna be alright on my next visit to my gynae. I am 30yrs old, it is my first pregnancy of 9 years marriage and im very excited about it. I want a baby now so bady. Is there anybody who had this experience and was fine???


claplante - November 21

Bonkdoles - how did everything turn out? I'm on by 4th pregnancy and possible 3rd m/s. I had an u/s yesterday and was adv baby at 6w4d when I should be at 7w5d. I was advsd low heart beat - no number given to me. I was advs of a flicker. I go back on Mon, but I all ready a__sume the worse - another miscarry.


3formeihope - December 14

Hi. I just thought I would update the situation if anyone is still following this thread. The baby is doing really well. I am 11.2 weeks pregnant, and had another ultrasound earlier this week. He/she continues to thrive. The HB went from 81, to 125, to 154, and now remains in the mid 160's. I hope that this gives anyone in a similar situation some hope. Good luck, and thank you to all the ladies that offered me support when I needed it.


aliciavr6 - December 15

Wow, thats great news, 3forme. Congrats!


Hope0630 - November 17

Hi I'm new to this group. And have been keeping up on this thread.  And I have a similar situation. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I went to the ER yesterday cause I was bleeding like I started my period and they gave me an ultrasound and said more likely I'm going to miscarry cause the heart rate was only 81 BPM. But this morning the bleeding got a lot lighter and I've had no cramp or discomfort. I'm getting another check up tomorrow with my Gyno to see what's going on. I'm trying to have hope and maybe the heart beat with increase? Or maybe the dates aren't right cause I don't know when I had my last period to be exact just know it was at the end of the month. If anyone can respond or have been in a similar situation i would really appreciate it. Thanks.  



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