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RobinK - February 25

I'm currently going thru a bit of a "lab test scare" myself. I am only 4 wks pg at the moment. I tested with an early test and started spotting not even 2 full days after I found out. I went into the doc's office yesterday. Serum quant. hcg was 31 and my progesterone was only 3.4 which is barely even considered normal for ovulatory levels. The family doc says "Don't get overly concerned just yet" and scheduled for me to see my OB-GYN doc first thing in the morning, but it's hard not to be worried about those numbers you know? Of course, I can't compare the lab results of my previous pregnancies or m/c's to this one, since this is the first time they've run a progesterone check. I'm trying to stay positive, and hope that maybe it's not too late for intervention...but realistically speaking it's hard to. Everything you read about "normal lab values" points to my progesterone being WAY too low. I have 3 beautiful children, and this one was a surprise. I m/c about 10 months ago, which was also a surprise pg...so now I'm more scared than ever. Anyone have some feedback for me on this one?


RobinK - February 26

Update on yesterday's post: I went to see the OB-GYN today and she confirmed that I'm most likely having another m/c. My husband has been completely unsupportive, just as he was last year when I went through this. Although they drew labs today to recheck the level of HCG in my blood, I'm not holding onto any hope that I'm still pg. I've seen so many posts from women that have had anything from light spotting to full on heavy bleeding like a menstrual cycle, yet went on to deliver healthy babies...so for a brief moment in time I was hopeful yesterday. But instinct is now telling me to let it go. Even though we weren't trying to get pregnant, that doesn't make the loss of a baby any easier. I'm crushed...and alone in this. I just wanted to post my update, so you all would know that my outcome was not so positive. :(


tryingx3 - February 26

robink - sorry you are going through this and feel "alone" - many men just don't get it - plus the hormone changes don't help us! Best wishes! If the HCG levels are still doubling taking the progesterone will help...but 31 does sound a bit low...sorry! My last 2 pgs we caught before I was officially due for AF and tested right at the time I should have started - were low at 140 but doubled.



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