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sanjavi77 - February 10

Hi all, I am in my 5th week. My HCG today: 1126 and exactly a week ago it was 103, so I am very excited about it. but my progesterone level is at 11.3 at 5th week. doc said it is low and is starting me on Progesterone supository from tomorrow. I read over the net that it is very imp and low is not a good sign. I pray to God to take care of it now. Last time I had miscarried in week7. I have no spotting, no nausea, very sore br___ts and frequent urination. If you happen to know any info on Progesterone, pls pls let me know? I haven't had any ultrasound scanning yet, it is exactly two weeks from now. I have been having cramping in my tummy and lower back, but I heard first trimester it is normal.


knpandrews - February 11

Hello Sanjavi77 Sounds like we are in the same boat. i am also a little over 5 weeks pregnant. Here is what I can tell you. On Feb. 7 i got my blood tests and the results were 176 for my HCG levels and my progesterone levels were 8.88. My doctor put me on the progesterone supositories the evening of my blood test. She said to take one v____ally each night. Then again this friday Feb. 10, i got my levels checked again. My HCG level went up to 868 and my progesterone went up to 18.88. My doctor says that is a good thing and that to keep taking the progesterone supositories each night and she will see me on March 6th for a sonogram. But i do feel ok. I have have very sore b___sts on and off for the past week. I am extremely nervous abou this pregnancy as i M/C almost a year ago. How are things with you? Keep in touch....


sanjavi77 - February 11

Hi Knp Thanks for replying. Yes, we are exactly sailing in the similar boat. My doc prescribed 50mg progesterone supositories for me also to be taken each night v____ally. I am hoping for the best things and I will remember you in my prayers also. I will keep you posted on all. my doc did not mention any blood test or anything after this and my u/s is on Feb 24th. However, I am having this shoulder pain and headache. Mild cramping today, but no bleeding. Do you think could be an ectopic? At this point? My first missed period is Feb 4th. If the pain doesn't subside, I am calling my doc on mon.


knpandrews - February 13

Hi Sanjavi77...Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I hope that this works out for both of us. I cant tell you if you are having an ectopic pregnancy or not but what i can tell you is when i was pregnant the first time before i M/C every pain and pull i had i thought something was going wrong. I though because i felt a ache in my left shoulder that i was having an ectopic pregnancy. Well turns out I wasnt. Its hard to sit tight for a while and just wait for a sonogram. Trust me i know. I keep wondering... will i hear a heartbeat on March 6th. What if i M/C before then. Its a horrible feeling but the only thing we can all do is just relax. Yes Yes Yes... I agree, easier said then done but i can definately tell you that i still have mild cramping, sore breats, and severe heartburn. Lets keep praying for each other. by the way... my email is knpandrews@hotmail.com if you want to email me and chat about this stuff since we are in the same boat. Oh and my name is Kim.


sanjavi77 - February 13

Hi Kim, Finally, so nice to see your reply and my name is Avi. Believe me, I am having the exact same feelings. Fingers crossed. I am having less pain now. I have started progesterone from this weekend. I want my doc to do another blood work on me, just to make sure. After about 11pm, I just can't keep my eyes open, no nausea, what about you? It is so nice to get pampered by your hubby all the time. Everymorning we get up, he askes me, if I am having pain or cramps. Tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversay. We got married on Valentines day. so I am so happy.


knpandrews - February 13

Hi Avi... Happy 3 year annv. My husband and I met the day after Valentines day 3 years ago. We got married on Oct. 9, 2004. We have been married a little over a year and our baby will be due right after our 2 year annv. Lets see as for my symtoms... Breasts are really sore and I have really bad heart burn. However, I took tums today (doc.said it was perfectly ok) and it has not shown up for 2 hours so far. I cant usually stay up now a days past 11-11:30pm. But I am not tired during the day. Only once my head hits the pillow to wind down for the night. I think my mind is playing tricks on me though. I worry when i dont feel symtoms and i worry when I feel good. I worry that the symptoms i am feeling are from the Prometrium and not really from the pregnancy. My husband is great though. He knows i am super worried due to the fact that we concieved this one just about a year to the day of our last one that i M/C. So he is very gentle and very caring. But he wont have s_x with me... He said he is worried and he would rather wait until our March 6 appt. just to make sure everything is ok. I understand that and I can not pressure him into having s_x with me but i dont know if i can wait til March to have s_x again. Anyways... I am going to go to sleep for the night. Hope to hear back from you. Once again.... Happy Annv. and Happy Valentines day!!!


snickelfritz - February 14

Don't believe everything you read on the net. Those things are VERY discouraging and I've heard story after story of women with low progesterone who go on to have successful pg's. I wasn't diagnosed with low progesterone until I was EIGHT WEEKS!!! And my level was 10!! I had just seen the baby via u/s with its lovely heartbeat the day before. So, obviously the baby was developing fine even though my progesterone was very low (normal average for 8 weeks is about 25). Anyway, I was tested because I had cramping AND bleeding (also why I had the u/s). Just try to relax and trust that you are doing everything you can for your baby right now. There's nothing else you can do. Good luck and don't let these websites discourage you. LOTS of women have successful pregnancies with low progesterone.


Krissy rog - February 14

Hi girls I am really glad to have found this sight, very helpful. Got my period Jan 2 was using fetility monitor ovulated on day 18 3 days later started with symptoms(unusual). Went to docs Feb 5 did u/s just a sack to early for anything else had bloodtest that day, got the results on Wed. hcg 3000 progesterone 15.2. went for more blood on Thursday, hcg 9200 and progesterone dropped to 9.7 put me on prometrium supplement going tomorrow Feb. 15 for another u/s. Hope we caught it in time. Congrats to all!!!


Lil Lady - February 14

Hey Snickelfritz - you have any more belly pictures? Are you just having one? I remember you looked bloated/big for just being 7 wks! I'm 8 1/2 wks now, so you must be nearing the end of your first trimester. I have a Sept Babies EDD's thread started, dunno when you are due again. I just wanted to know since I haven't seen you post in some time.


sanjavi77 - February 16

Hi Kim, Today I went for my first u/s and everything looked good and healthy. I am just about to start my 6th week, so it was a bit early, but we saw a gestational sac, yolk sac and a fetal pole. I was called in early because of my previous m/c and I am having a lot of cramps, so doc watned to make sure. My thyroid is under control. I am taking Synthyroid everyday for it. My fibroids seem to be quiet and are causing no problem...that is what u/s showed. 2 weeks from now I am scheduled for another u/s to see for the heartbeat. Doc said not necessary to do the blood work. I will keep you guys posted. I am just happy and want rest of the pregnancy to go smoothly like this. Last time, when I concieved nothing could be seen until 6 weeks in the uterus. Thanks for asking about me and sending me posts. Our anniversary went very well. We went to the restaurant in the evening. I got a lovely gift and yeah about the s_x...I am just dying for it. My husband is also telling me NO, so we are helping each other in other ways. I will keep you postedand all the best for you! I haven't been coming b/c I had terrible cramps and really I told my husband this is it, but now I am looking at the brighter side.


knpandrews - February 16

Hi Avi... I am so glad that you U/S went well. I am excatly 6 wks today. Even though i had a M/C my doc. says it is still to early to see what she is suppose to see. I am super excited that all went well with your visit today. I am also having cramps. On and off each day as well as my b___sts are sore on and off each day. The cramping actually feels like very light period cramps almost like a muscle stretching. I spoke with my Doc. today on the phone about the cramps and stuff and she said its all normal. VERY NORMAL she stessed. I am so happy that you annv. went well. Thats such a nice feeling to have so much to celebrate. But oh girl... I still get turned down by my hubby for s_x. I truely cant blame him but sometimes i wonder if he will go all 7 more months like this. oye...Well did the doc. say anything else. Did she give you any words of wisdom? Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.


sanjavi77 - February 17

HI Kim, Thanks for the message. doc did not say anything yesterday except for all that, but today along with cramps I am having bleeding. I am going to take rest, but just feeling disappointed. I wonder what is in our fate? Good luck for you and I will keep you posted.


knpandrews - February 17

Oh Avi... Please keep me posted on whats going on. I will keep you and your baby in my prayers. Did you call the doc. when you started to bleed? Is it bright red or brownish? I hope that you are ok, please keep me posted. Hang in there...xoxo Kim


sanjavi77 - February 19

Hi Kim, How are you doing? Wish you all the best for March 6th. How is your heart burn? As for me, no more bleeding, but bad cramping is there from my pelvic region to thighs coming like waves. Fingers crossed. I just don't get it you know, instead of being so happy and all we are being on pins and needles worrying every minute what lies in our lap??? Thanks for the prayers. God bless !


sanjavi77 - February 19

Oh my, I forgot to tell. Last night I had this dream with wonderful three strong orgasms, I was telling my husband today and laughing. Since, I concieved this is probably the third erotic dream. Funny huh? Probably what I am thinking...I am dreaming.


knpandrews - February 20

Hi Avi... I am so glad to hear that you have no more bleeding. How about the cramping? Has it calmed down a little? What did you doctor say about all this? I agree with you on the fact that instead of being happy about all this we are all walking on pins and needles not know what our fate holds. Unfortunately the only thing we can do is to help it along by taking the best care of ourselves as possible. Any Nausea yet? I have had a little bit of uneasiness but sometimes i wonder if its just in my head. I get up every night at around 3ish and then again at like 7ish to go pee. I dont know if that is considered alot. My b___sts are sore on and off still and other then that i am a little tired. I have an apt. on March 6th. My stomach will be in knots until i know whats going on and i finally hear a heartbeat. Oh yeah... I have had 2 erotic dreams since i have been pregnant. I think subconsciously I am dreaming about what i cant have... mainly because my husband wont give it to me until he knows all is well. :) Hope to hear back and that you are feeling well.


knpandrews - February 21

Hi Avi...Just wanted to see how you are feeling today. I feel pretty good. I no longer feel pregnant which concerns me but i am keeping a positive outlook. How are you feeling today?



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