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knpandrews - November 24

Hey everyone Just a quick update. Helen had Teddy. Helen, congrats and alot of love.


Helene - November 28

Hi! Sorry for not gettingtis out sooner. BUt it as been a bit busy obviously. Actually my mom i here now and I am a bit spoiled because the woman cleaned my house from top to bottom while we took little stinker for his first visit ot the pediatrician. Okay - so her is the story. Was staying up all late for days before i went into labor and sleeping late - had my nights and days all screwed up. Had some mild period like cramps here and there th I would feel very fleetingly . On Sunday 1/19 I was up until 4 am the next morning and slept late. Staring aroudn am ish I was feeling mild period like cramping that I just dozed through. Around 10:30 I was alert and still sitting in the recliner feeling actually cramping that wasn't pms like but stronger and thinking hmm, contractions? About 11:30 ish I heard this little pop that sounded like whenI crack my lower back but came from lower down and up front near the cervix. I thought - oh c___p - i ma going to break my water on the recliner, but no water. Went to the bathroom a little later and saw that I had lost my mucus plug (and yes,Coda, it does look like snot!). Mostly yellowy green but with some red in it. ALso, I had a small gush of watre - not a lot, so wasn't sure if it was my amniotic sac breaking, but I rememebr Daniella saying that hers was several sacs breaking. Called the doc's office at 12 but the office by me was closed so I called the one further away that is down the road form the hospital. Told them I wasn't sure if the water had broke and they aid come in and we wil examine you. Took a shower and while in there had a bigger gush of watre that was clear and odorless. then I noticed at end of shower thta I was dripping amniotic fluid and it had slight yellowy brown tinge and thought that the amniotic fluid was washing out the rest of the mucus plug. We i got ot the office i then dripped on the examining room floor and the doc threw down a litmus aer o tets it and said yep, tha is amniotic fluid, then wrinkled her brow and said, hmm, it looks a little brown. She said tha is meconium and my heart dropped a little - I have already let yo all in on my meconium fears based on my friend's granddaughter's death. SO she sent us off to the hospital saying i was still only 1 cm dilated. AT this point Ted was still saying, well, they might send us home if noting happened I said, no uh, my water broke - we ar having this baby in the next 24 hours. Got to hospital and they prepped me and settled me in the birthing room to wait for doc. My sister showed up all excited adn started taking pics and hugging Ted. She started dong the breathing with me (she was my coach) until I they got more intense and i told he to stop it she was annoying me (LOL!). Doc came in I was still 1 cm. Said she would be back. In the meantime, contractions finally picked up adn I went for the epi (man that is good stuff! they had to tell ME i was having a contraction!). DOc came back in and I was still only 1cm. Because meconium she wanted to quicken the labor with pitocin to me fully dilated. Oh before this, the one nurse (who I a not crazy about) catheterized me because of the epi and took so long that at the end they lost the baby's heartbeat on the monitor and had to insert an internal monitor and saw thta baby was fine. But she decided then ot o the pitocin. WHen they adinistered the pitocin the baby's heartbeat dropped so they stopped it. Doc was worried because it was now around 7pm, my watre had broken and there was meconium in it and i was only 1 cm dilated and she didn't feel comfortable waiting for e to dilate fully due ot the meconium, and the pitocin was not workgin becaus the baby's heartbeat dropped when she administered it. My heart was n my throat not because I was afraid of a c-section (that didn't bother me in the least, but because I was worried about why the baby was reacting tha way to the pitocin. When they opened the uterus up adn pulled him out it becamse apparent - the cord was up next to his head and when the pitocin caused strong contractions, his head beared down on the cord and compressed it causing his heartbeat to drop. The doc told me the next day that had I been 10 cm dilated and ready to push she would have just gone with the v____al because it would not have been long enough thta he wouldn't recover from the whole thing. But because they didn't' know how long it would take t get that far, she didn't want to chance his hb dropping for hat long a period of time. She laughed and said, :Gee thought this was going to be an easy, normal birth!"and I laughed and said me, too. Weird thing was there were a lot of c-sections thta night - everyone kept commenting on it - anesthesiologist joked that after me he was doe for th night -no more! I was thinking gee, i thought this hospital had a low c-section rate! BUt then I figured if they were all so surprised by the numer of c-sections, then it must be that they normally did not do so many. ANywya. My little Teddy is here and is adorable (but of course) - he has strawberry blonder hair thta keeps getting redder by the day and eyes that seem like they will be either dark green-blue or hazel. Ted and I were looking ta hiim the nursery adn we decided that he was the cutest baby in thee ! LOL! We're not too vain, no? We are so inlove with his little boy. My friend said that in the pics I sent that Ted looks like "you had me at hello!" Hope all is well with you laide! thanks for the congrats, Kim!


Helene - November 28

oops, ladies! i used the same post from the other site and have referenced two ladies from that site. please don't be confused!


dara23 - December 1

Hi..I posted a few weeks ago, upset because I miscarried and thought my midwife could have helped me more by testing my levels. Instead she just said, "nothing can be done...good luck". This comment was deleted from this forum, I guess someone thought it was in poor taste? That is unfortunate, as I find this site helpful for venting frustrations and finding answers. I truly believe that my pregnancy could have been saved with the correct treatment. We are trying again, and this time we are using an obstetrician.


zay28 - December 4

Hi helene, kim and avi. First i want to say congratulations to helene, her baby is a very handsome boy. I love his air color. So cute, so perfect. I AM starting my 26 week. I have been feeling very good. The rash in my tummy is the only thing that boders me. I came back on sunday after 10 days of relax. it is was hard to go to work today:-) We had good time in the cruise. I guess we will do another one when Alex is more than 2 years old. I already put my chirtomas tree and tomorrow i will ensamble my nativity set. It is very popular traditon in latin america. IWell most of latin people are catholic. I am gald to know that Diya and Sierra are doing ok, they are gaining weigtht and getting strong. my due date is on march 22, doctor thinks that he will do the surgery two weeks earlier. which will be around the 10. I asked him to do it on that day since it is a friday and i want not to wrry about vanessa going to school and all of that .. Well i have to go now. :-)


javidsgirl - December 6

hey ladies i hope you don"t mind me joining but i just got my bfp and my doc told me my progesteron is low so i have to be oput on pill i am going to see him this evenoing to get started on them


javidsgirl - December 6

oh sanjavi i also have been experiancing a cramping/streaching feeling but doc said completelly normal this is my first child is this your first?


zay28 - December 6

Hi javidsgirl , Avi had already a beautiful girl. This forum is quite old and i join to it 5 months ago. To reesponde your questions, it is very normal to have pms crampings, and you will have more after you start the prometrium or you prgestorene medicine you may observe some light bleeding, that is normal. Simptoms varies from woman to woman and sometime with the age. I used progesterone for about 1 1/2 months. Today i am 25 weeks pregant and my baby is doing great. I was reading in a magazine that women with very long periods and heavy bleadding during their menstruation have problem prodcuing the pregesterone. In my case i have very bad crampings and my cicles that last 8 days with 5 days of heavy flow. Take it easy, take the medicine and enjoy your pregnancy. Keep in touch , and ask as many questions as youwant. Goodluck


RobinK - February 25

I'm currently going thru a bit of a "lab test scare" myself. I am only 4 wks pg at the moment. I tested with an early test and started spotting not even 2 full days after I found out. I went into the doc's office yesterday. Serum quant. hcg was 31 and my progesterone was only 3.4 which is barely even considered normal for ovulatory levels. The family doc says "Don't get overly concerned just yet" and scheduled for me to see my OB-GYN doc first thing in the morning, but it's hard not to be worried about those numbers you know? Of course, I can't compare the lab results of my previous pregnancies or m/c's to this one, since this is the first time they've run a progesterone check. I'm trying to stay positive, and hope that maybe it's not too late for intervention...but realistically speaking it's hard to. Everything you read about "normal lab values" points to my progesterone being WAY too low. I have 3 beautiful children, and this one was a surprise. I m/c about 10 months ago, which was also a surprise pg...so now I'm more scared than ever. Anyone have some feedback for me on this one?


tramnitz - April 18

I am about 5 weeks along and when I had the first u/s nothing showed up but the yoke sack? When my dr. called and told me that my progesterone was low but my hcg was normal what does that mean? I have been spotting since Thursday. Not much but enough to remember what happened with my MC 10 years ago. I hope we caught it in time and my next appointment is on May 1st. It is nice to read that most women have had normal babies even if we start out with this scare. I have sort of put myself on "bed rest" so that my body can relax and take care of itself. I also hope that by me not really doing anything this weekend the progesterone will kick in and the baby will be doing fine after Monday.


Kelly93084 - December 9

Hi Everyone, I know this thread is old, but I posted in 2 spots and haven't gotten any responses. I went to the dr immediately after i had a positive hpt, which I actually took a few days before my missed period, so I do know it was extremely early in my pregnancy. They did a blood test and it came back that my progesterone level was 8.7 and my hcg was 340. He said the hcg level was good considering I was so so early, but he was conerned with the progesterone level (he said it should be between 10-45), so he put me on prometrium 100mg twice a day. I am having normal pregnancy symptoms:extremely sore b___sts, fatigue, frequent urination, back aches, slight cramping. I am just so worried. This is my first pregnancy, I am 25 and my husband and I want this baby so bad. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Please help, anything would be appreciated!! Thank u!


zay28 - December 9

Hi, i had the same situation. I have to take the prometrium twice a day until i was 12 weeks of pregnancy. SIde effects? I used to get cold flashes (?) and we were in the hottest summer ever during that time. after 12 week you won't need it anymore. My baby is close to be 3 old. Relax, enjoy your pregannacy and take your prometrium until dr recomends. I don't know why that happen but read at the time i am found out if you have a period with excesive flow that can be a reason for it.


xandersmom - December 12

kelly - i'm so glad you posted! i was looking for any info about this exact topic, and was hoping someone was still here...so, i'm 9dpo and had my progesterone bw done 7dpo, and it came back 7.53. i've not gotten a bfp yet, but am a little suspicious i may, and worried about my prog level. did you get a cd21 prog level, or just after the bfp? i've read that this level might be too low to allow implantation, or too low to support a pregnancy, BUT i've also read of a few people that had levels around that and went on to a healthy delivery! i'd be interested to hear what research you've found, as well... congrats on the bfp, and good luck!


Kelly93084 - December 13

Zay-Thanks so much for responding, I really appreciate it, its so nice to know other mommies are going through similar things to me. I'm 25 and this is my first pregnancy, so to be honest I feel a little lost! haha like i don't really know what Im doing! I'm sure knowledge will come to me in time :) Xandersmom: Hi!!! So glad to know I have a fellow person with my issue, very comforting! I am very new to this site, and don't really know all the abbreviations :( But I'm gonna try. I think BFP means big fat positive? and DPO is days post ovulation?? I still don't know what CD is :( So if you could let me know I would love it!! Ok So! I didn't have any bloodwork done until after I knew I was pregnant. I took a home pregnancy test on Sunday Nov. 29th and it came back positive. I just like, felt pregnant. I wasn't due to get my period until December 1st, so it was very early to take the test. But it did come out positive so I called on Monday and made a dr appt for Tuesday Dec 1st. When I went in thats when they did the bloodwork. She did a transv____al ultrasound that day, but it was too early to see anything. They gave me another pregnancy test there and that was positive too. SOOO on Thursday the office called and said I needed to come in the next day b/c the dr needed to talk to me about my bloodwork. So when I went in he said My hcg level was 340 which was ok bc I was very early but my progesterone was 8.7 which was a little low and they wanted it to be between 10-45. So he started me on the prometrium and gave me an appt for a week from then (which was Fri Dec 11) The dr said that on that day there should be something on the ultrasound and that should determine if it will be a viable pregnancy or not. Let me tell u, that week between appt's was the worst week ever, I was so nervous and stressed out. WELL, when I went back they immediately brought me in the ultrasound room to do another transv____al ultradsound and as sooon as she turned on the monitor, there it was!! A gestational sac with a liiitttlllee white dot in the top of it which she said was the baby forming!!!! I almost lost it lol. I asked if they were going to take blood again to test my levels, but she said they didn't need to, even if the levels didn't raise they already supplemented me and that was all that could be done. But, she said they most likely did raise b/c the sac implanted and everything. She said everything looked good for where we are now, but obviously can't be totally sure until she sees the fetus and the heartbeat, I go back in about 2 weeks and she said by then we should see everything! So on the research I've done, this whole progesterone thing seems pretty common. And a lot of girls I work with (I'm a nurse so there r tons of girls getting pregnant and giving birth all the time!) said they had the exact same thing. A few ppl told me low levels could be b/c of having a heavy flow when you would get ur period (my period was always very light so that wasn't it for me) Also online I read it may be b/c of being on birth control for a while (which I was) I also read it may be b/c I'm young and this is my first pregnancy and my body kinda didn't know what to make of all this yet, and I also read it may be b/c I found out too early! (which is a big possibility) At any rate, EVERYWHERE I read says that it is very likely that you can go on to have a perfectly normal healthy pregnancy with low levels. Every women is different and every pregnancy is different, some ppl even go their whole pregnancy with low levels and still everything is fine. Did they supplement you? That seems to be what they do for everyone that has the low levels either with oral medication or v____al suppositories. I'm on the oral, which I like. I've heard the suppositories can get kind of messy :( Soo please let me know how you are and whats going on! I would love to keep in touch throughout everything! BTW 7.53 isn't even that low, most of the time what I have been reading is if the level is like 1.7 or 2 thats not so good, but even so a few of them have ended up being ok. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Good Luck with everything!!!


MorganP - January 28

Are low progesterone levels inherited?


marsjami - February 12

I have a 7.9 progesterone level at 6 1/2 weeks and am now on supplements.....



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