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knpandrews - March 3

Hi Avi...I still feel c___ppy. I can not get this cough to go away. I think it is turing into a cold. But its just lingering. I got some regular stregnth tylenol yesterday because the whole doing nothing thing wasnt working. The doc. says i can take plain robetussin but I decided against that. The tylenol seemed to help a tiny bit when i comes to the aches and pains from coughing so much. But how much can regular stregnth tylenol really do. My husband will be coming with me on Monday moring. My mind keeps playing tricks on me and one day i feel pregnant the next 2 days i dont. I just wish i could seriously relax and enjoy it but I wont be able to relax until I know that everything is once and for all truely ok. About the progesterone... I am still taking the 200 mg. 1 X v____ally at night. I do get very wet from it during the day. I find that I have some kind of creamy looking discharge which i think is a yeast infection that the doc. cant treat either until the 4th month or so she said. So overall things down there are not all that great...LOL. As far as s_x... whats that. I have not had s_x for a month and a half. 3 days after conception i got a urinary tract infection and once it went away thats when i found out i was pregnant. My husband will not have s_x with me until he know its ok. But I think personally he wont be able to as long as he knows there is life inside me. Which i cant blame him for. Ya gotta love men. Well I am off to another day of work. hope to hear from you. :)


sanjavi77 - March 6

Hi Kim, Weekend was hectic asusual. Wish you all the best for your appointment tomorrow. Take Care.


knpandrews - March 6

Hi Avi... I know what you mean about the hectic weekend. I had family in town all weekend. Plus the fact that I was trying to get over this freakin cold. I had my appt. today and the heartbeat was 154 bpm. Measuring in at 7 wks. 5 days. My due date is now Oct. 17th, 2006. I can not tell you how much of a relief it was to see it. However she said it was super stubborn and very hard to grab a good pic. of it. She did finally get a few pics. and she gave them to me. She did see a bit of blood around my placenta but she said not to be to worried being that I have not bleed and there usually is some bleeding during pregnancy. She said to stay on semi-bed rest just for a few days to make sure everything clears up. But all looks good so far... Knock on wood though. :) She also wants me to stay on progesterone 2 more wks. Do you have a sono pic. If you want we can email to each other. Let me know darlin. Hope to hear from you. XOXO


sanjavi77 - March 6

Yeah, I am soooooooooo happy for you. Congrats!!!!!!!! yeah Heart beat is great. Did you see it? Isn't it something? Pls take a lot of rest now and do not worry about a thing. So my due date is just one day a head of you. Amazing. Yeah, I will scan mine finally within this week and then will let you know. Since, yesterday I have left side sharp pain? Rest later. Oh my, four adults and all want to go on PC. anyhow, I am just soooo cranky today like PMS. doest that happen to you? Take Care and let me know how you feel. Oh I forgot to mention, I finally threw up yesterday morning after breakfast.


knpandrews - March 7

Hi Avi... I must tell you how nice this is to be able to chat with you like this. I was so super excited to see the heartbeat. I didnt tell you that i almost pa__sed out yesterday before she did it. I didnt have the courage to do it. She actually had to sit me down in her office and talk to me first. My husband was in tears when he saw how i was feeling. Once i saw him in tears i decided to go through with it. I knew that no matter what I had him by my side. Yes I did see the heartbeat. It was like a little peanut with a little flicker in the middle of it. It was the cutest most adorable flicker I had ever seen. I feel a little better now that I have see the heartbeat but I am still nervous. I heard that the chance of M/C goes down once you see the heartbeat. I wonder how true that is. Any idea? how are you feeling? Today I was queasy all day. I just felt like complete ick. But I think thats partly from my cold. But its hard to tell where its coming from. Well... how are things with you? Any more sypmptoms? Hope to hear from ya. Let me know when ya get your sonogram on the comp. We can trade. Keep in touch...


HannahBaby - March 8

im due on October 17th as well. i got for my us when i am 10 weeks


knpandrews - March 8

Hi... Welcome. Your doc. waits til week 10 to do a sono? Have you had your levels checked at all? Do you have any symptoms?


sanjavi77 - March 9

Hi HannaBaby, Welcome! How are you doing? Share your symptoms with us. I am so excited about the duedates. Two more weeks fr your appointment. all the best. These days I have slight left side lower abdominal pain. I think due to gas, bloating andheartburn is worse. I get sooooooo tired. After, 4pm it is so hard for me to take anything especially milk. I am not drinking as much milk. Is your diet healthy? What about your diet KIm?


sanjavi77 - March 9

Hi Kim, how are you doing with the cold? I hope it is all gone. How have you been doing for the past two days? I had some guests yesterday and also our TV, new flat screen TV is not working. So we were in the middle of calling them and all that. do you still feel icky? I have uploaded the pic. E-mail address: [email protected] Let me know, how you want to send. I wish they had this facility on this forum. Sometimes I also go on pregnancyabout.com forums. Take Care, when is your next appointment? I am meeting new gynec on March 16th. I hope he is good.


sanjavi77 - March 9

Hi Kim, we almost have our pregnancy journal in this forum. Next semester, if all goes well, fingers crossed, I would like to start the baby book. I also heard that after seeing the heartbeat, M/C chances are low. Just like you, I also feel nervous. Are you taking enough bed rest? Pls do so. Keep two pillows also beneath your feet . What about cooking? How are you managing? Take Care.


knpandrews - March 10

Hi Avi... How are you feeling? I am not doign to well. I have been throwing up each morning. I honestly dont know if it is from the phlem from my cold or what but I start coughing, then gagingm\, the throw up. its a bad cycle. I am nauseas all day long. Which goes away for a little while once i eat but comes back again. Nothing tastes right to me and all smells are times 20. Everything I smell is so strong. I cant even really cook. I love to cook but now the smells bother me and i cant get rid of them. I have to burn a cantelope melon candle in my apt. just to keep it smelling fresh. My heartburn is back and other then that my b___sts are sore again. My diet is a little different now that I am pregnant. I tend to eat more salads. No meat and no soda. I was a huge diet coke person... now its lemonade and ice tea or water. No soda... no sugar. No caffine is possible. I am going to send you my sono pics right after i am done writing this. You can just send your pics to the email address I send mine from. Oh yeah... no milk for me. I have not been able to even look at it. Its like I am hungry and want to eat but when i put it in front of me i have not appit_te. oh well... Anyways... cant wait to see a pic of your little baby bundle. I am sending mine now. Hope all is well and talk to you soon. XOXO


knpandrews - March 10

Oh one last thing... my husband and i have not had s_x yet. He said once he saw the heart beat and everything was ok and once he saw it... he said I cant lets wait until the 2 trimester when we know everything is ok. LOL... I think he is a little scared that he is going to cause something to happen. Whats the scoop with you.. is s_x back in your vocabulary.


sanjavi77 - March 10

Hi Kim, I have been very busy. You know what the nausea isn't with your cold, it totally sounds like preggo nausea. I totally understand having milk infront and the appet_te being gone. All I do is little wack wack and my mounth opens on its own, even I don't know what that is, but heart burn is so strong. I asked the doc, she said I can take Tums. I will also send the pic right after this. Your cold is lingering on for long time. Weekend is here again, so yu can take more rest. As for the s_x. So far it is the last thing on my mind right now, but my DH also said, after 4th month there should not be any problemo. Oh yeah, yesterday I went to the docs office for the last time, all looked great on the u/s. There were little arms and legs. The most amazing thing was that the bottom part of the baby was wigling in the amniotic fluid. Oh man, I can't wait to show and wear maternity dress and talk to the baby. Now a days I have mixed feelings like obviously there is fear, but excitement is also there. Baby's heartbeat yesterday was 180, I am not sure if that was very high or what. Take Care and have a nice weekend.


sanjavi77 - March 14

Hi Kim, Wondering, if you are feeling okay/busy? Wishing all the best for you. I am doing fine, here. Take care sweetheart.


knpandrews - March 14

Hi Avi... So sorry i have not been in touch. It has been crazy here for the past few days. I had a out of town meeting over the weekend but felt like complete ick. All i did was go to the meetings... then crash. When i got home i was still feeling ick so i was relaxing on sunday and my computer has been on the fritz. Yesterday I was in meetings all day as well. I said yesterday that i was going to log on at night and post ya a message put I fell asleep. I feel better today and I have not thrown up all day. :) However, I do have some cramping still. I am suppose to take the progesterone for 1 more week. Then just stay on the natafort vitamins. Something was bothering about the fact that my next apt. was made for March 30th. So I called the doc. today and She said that the receptionist made an error because she didnt realize i was transfering from a fertility doc. and that my OBGYN wants to see me on the 21st. So now my apt. is at the 10wk. mark and not the mid. 11 1/2 wk. mark. How about yourself... you mentioned that you were switching docs. how come? You have an apt. this week dont you, with you new doc? Let me know how that goes? How have you been feeling? Any more symptoms? Any c___ps still? Bleeding? Hope to hear from you darlin... so sorry that it took me forever to get back with you. Things have subsided now so it should be nice and calm around here. :)


sanjavi77 - March 14

HI Kim, Glad to see your mail and pls never ever say sorry. I understand, everybody gets busy once in a while. However, make sure you take rest also. My appointment with two new docs, March 21st/22nd. We will choose one after the first meeting. So same as yours. Very mild cramps, no bleeding, I am not using progesterone. Heartburn bothers me. I just feel heavy. Do you toss and turn at night? Sometimes suddenly when I forget that I am pregnant, I toss so quickly and I find sometimes on my stomach, but sometimes when I toss so fast, it hurts for 2 secs. also, does your stomach area feels hard already? mine, I did not notice before pregnancy, so I can't say, but there is a light line starting from the navel going downwards. Also, for some of my long dresses, my b___st size has already gone up? I was surprised. Anyhow, let me know how you are doing, whenever you get time. No hurries. all the best dear, don't work too hard.



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