Low Progesterone Level And EXTREMELY Worried

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tfuller - July 10

Hello All, Today I just found out that my progesterone level is low and my HCG level is high. My doctor has started me on Prometrium 200 mg's 3 times per day. Should I be nervous? Does anyone know what the statistics are of overcoming this and having a healthy baby? I just want to cry..this is my first pregnancy and I just don't know what to do or think. Everything that I am reading online indicates that I'm going to have a miscarriage. I look forward to hearing back from anyone that could offer me some advice.


Katherine79 - July 10

Hi I hope I am helpful I did have an early miscarriage and I think it was from low progestrone. With this pregnancy I took Prometruim only 200mgs a day and I am now 14 weeks. I think you are really lucky that they caught it in time and you should be just fine. Lots of people have gone on to have a healthy pregnancy after starting progestrone. When will you get an ultrasound? After you do you will feel much better.


tfuller - July 10

Thank you for the response. My first u/s is a week from this coming Thursday. I am praying to God that everything is fine. I'm not sure how I will be able to handle losing this baby.


Meena - July 10

Hi.I had a early miscarriage in Jan06 and I am pregnant again.I am on prometrium and from what I understand it will help to prevent a miscarriage and support pregnancy.I have read about many ppl on this forum taking progestron and are well into their 3rd trimester.Be positive and make sure that you "DO NOT" forget to take ur daily doses.Wish you all the best .


tfuller - July 11

today i just found out that my progesterone level is at 9 when it should be at 15. I am so worried, I'm making myself sick.


Katherine79 - July 11

Worrying is not good. 9 is not as bad as some people, just keep taking your meds.


DB - July 11

tfuller-try not to worry, my progesterone was at 11.3 when I was 12dpo. They started me on prometrium 400mg at night. Two days later when I went for my next beta my progesterone was over 40. I am a bit over 11 weeks and I am still taking the prometrium for a few more weeks. I agree with Katherine-9 is not as terrible as some ladies levels. We saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks and heard it at 10 weeks, so hopefully everything will be ok for you. Again, try not to worry, stress is not good for anyone (or any baby!) Take care, good luck.


tfuller - July 11

my doctor got me in today for an ultra sound and i have minor bleeding by my placenta, but he said the baby's heartbeat looks good. I'm 8 weeks and 3 days along.


vegan_lalaland - July 14

I was put on the same medication a year ago and I have a healthy 7 month old girl now, I believe it saved my pregnancy.


lolosmoops - July 25

tfuller, how many weeks pregnant are you? When did they test your progest. level?


tfuller - July 25

I am 11 weeks and they tested me at 8 weeks. it was 9 then.



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