Lower Back Ache At 11 Weeks

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Helen - November 8

I just started my 11 weeks and i'm suffering from really bad lower back pain, especially at the lower left back/butt area. The past few days as just gotten worse that it hurts even to walk. I found out my mother had the same problem but later in her third trimesters with all 3 kids. Anyone dealing with this pain so early on? And what should i do to relieve the pain? I tried a heating pad but its only temporary relief.


shannon - November 8

I havent dealt with the pain, but it might be a pinched nerve--called sciatica (or something like that). Talk with you MD and maybe he can refer you to a physical therapist or something.


Jennifer - November 10

Yes!!!!!!! The pain almost kills me every day!!!! It's horrible! I am not the healthiest in the world (weighed 225 when I got pregnant), so I think that may have something to do with it. Don't know, not quite brave enough to call the doctor about it yet, its only been three days.


Kim - November 11

I had terrible back pain with my first pregnancy early on. I am thin, so I know it wasn't a weight issue. Dr. said hormones can indirectly cause this, as they cause the ligaments around the uterus to loosen up. Everything starts falling against the curve of your spine a bit. It is so painful, I know! Hang in there.


Monique - November 13

At 11 weeks I had terrible back pain too in the exact same place. I went to the doctor for my monthly appt. at 11 weeks, and she just nodded and told me it was my sciatic nerve and in a few weeks my baby/uterus should move where it's not a problem. She told me in the meantime to put a heating pad on my back and take tylenol if it became too much to bear. Well, I'm happy to say I'm 15 weeks now and the horrible pain went away around 13 weeks!! hang in there!!!


Cabbie - November 13

My dr told me that a tilted uterus can also contribute to lower back pain in early pregnancy.


Beth - November 14

I am 10 weeks and my lower back is killing me too! The other day it got so bad I literally could not move and get out of bed without such pain that it made me cry. So far I haven't gotten much relief from Tylenol or a heating pad. I hope this goes away soon!



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