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sara - February 3

I am 7 weeks and have mild lower back pain (around my tailbone) and occasional light menstrual like cramping. I haven't had any spotting or bleeding at all. I am just wondering if this is normal or not. I am worring myself sick over a miscarriage. I went to dr 2 weeks ago she just did a pelvic and said every thing felt normal. I have already notice my pants are getting tighter so I guess that is a good thing. I just get worried over everything and waiting for next dr appt on feb 28th seems like forever


Amy - February 3

I think it is normal. I felt cramping and mild back pain. Some of my friends said, that is was just my body expanding.


18 year old han - February 4

Hello sara, i thought i was havin an ectopic preg, cus my stomach hurts alot and so does the lower part of my bac, i feels like im just about to come on! But don't woz, cuz you'll KNOW when yr miscarryinx x x x


J - February 7

Hi I am having the same kind of lower back pain occasionally near my tailbone I hope it is normal. I had a m/c in Nov. and am really scared.


jenn - February 7

I don't know if this will make you feel better, but when I had my m/c, the bulk of my cramping was in my stomach - not my back.


E - February 13

hi sara. i have lower back pain around my tailbone too. it's funny because i feel like the only way to stretch that area is at the doctor's with my feet in the stirrups... lying down. it's the only time i feel my back cracking... and feeling better. i get light occasional menstrual like cramping too.... it's usually when i abruptly change positions. my hubby tells me that it's my uterus expanding. my friend who had an ectopic pregnancy/miscarriage said that she had pretty severe pains from the beginning of her pregnancy. hope you feel better.


Kathleen - February 13

I feel the same way. Pressure near my tail bone, not pain but noticiable. Otherwise this pregnancy is going along well. But the back pressure bothers me.


J - February 14

I had the same lower back pain now I am around 6 weeks and it is gone. I only had it for about a week around week for. I think this was my body telling me "Your Pregnant". I believe it is normal.



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