Lower Back Pain

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Lynn - April 25

Anyone experienceing lower back pain? I will be 9 weeks tomorrow & just yesterday & today have a slight achiness in the lower back area, kinda comes & goes. I had an u/s last thursday @ 8w2d and everything looked good. HB was 179 baby was moving around like crazy! I did do a lot of walking & standing over the weekend though,much more than I normally do considering I have a desk job so maybe my body is just reacting to that. The backache is the only thing bothering me, haven't spotted at all, I'm not cramping, nothing else...


A - April 25

Lynn, I am 8w4d and I am having the same thing. My doctore told me it is from your backbone starting to move. Your back needs to tilt to adjust your center of gravity and it begins to do this around 8-9 weeks and will continue to move as you get bigger. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.


v - April 25

thanks for the info A. I have been having this for 2wks now and I am 12 weeks today. couldn't quite figure it out


Lynn - April 25

Ohhhh Good! I'm glad some other women are having this too. I'm just really nervouse mainly because we just told the family about it too... figures it would be just my luck that I wait 9 weekd to tell everyone & THEN something happens. But it makes perfect sense to me. All I could find online is that it could be a symptom of miscarriage but only sometimes & ususally preceeded by bleeding or spotting which I have not had at all.


tracy - April 26

i also have back pains i asked my doctor and she said its from your uterus expanding


Kelly - April 26

I am 12 weeks and I too have been having backaches. I had an u/s done at 10 1/2 weeks and everything looked great but since this is my first I get nervous about everything. It makes me feel better to know that you girls are feeling these things too! My back bothers me every so often when I walk around. My job consists of sitting for a long time so I don't know if this has any factor in it. Congratulations to you all!


curious - April 26

when does everyone feel the back pain. How far along is everyone?


Lynn - April 27

I also had a friend you just had a baby tell me that her doctor told her it was normal.. there's a muscle that runs across your lower back that tends to stretch and get displaced a bit as the uterus expands...I was 8w5d when it started.



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