M C Then B O

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MLC - January 6

I want to share my experiance with everyone. I was 12w4d when I began passing huge blood clots and soaking several pads. At 11w4d I had an ultrasound that showed the gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetus. I had been bleeding red for the past few days when I wiped. Before that I'd bled brown blood when I wiped. At 9w5d I'd bled red into a pad then rested for the rest of the day and it stopped. Well anyway in the emergency room at 12w4d I was told that I had a Blighted Ovum. Blighted Ovum also called anembryonic gestation is a pregnancy in which the placenta develops but no fetus is visible on ultrasound (a conception implanted with no growing fetus). I miscarried 2/04 and it broke my heart. I have three healthy kids. My first two with my first husband. My third with my husband now. My husband and I have one beautiful litte girl together and we can't understand why we had the m/c las Feb. then this blighted ovum. Has anyone had similiar losses then went on to concieve and give birth to a healthy full term baby? Or been given any explanations why the blighted ovum occured? (I also shared this on the pregnancy loss category) Thanks.


Joannie - January 7

Sorry for your losses. You can go on to have a healthy baby. Good luck.


Jenn - January 7

I suffered a m/c this fall. A blighted ovum is just nature's way of making sure that a baby is not born with a severe chromosomal defect. My OB referred to it as a "fluke." But you must look at it as a blessing. If your baby had just a few more correct chromosomes and you carried it to term - it likely would not have survived or would have suffered from severe disabilities. Blighted ovums (I'm told) are the most common type of m/c. Every woman has a 20% chance of suffering one and your chance for suffering a second does NOT increase because you had one. Many many women go on to have very health pregnancys afterwards. You should only worry if you've had three in a row. Then your OB should do some chromosomal testing on you and your husband.


mlc - January 7

Thanks. I believe everything happens for a reason. My grandmother tells me that God doesn't give a person more then He knows they can handle. I'm scared to death to become pregnant again. I have a beautiful baby girl and two beautiful little boys and they're all healthy. I know I'm blessed already. I'd still love to be blessed once more. Thanks again.



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