M S Even With Diclectin

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chrissievan - February 5

Hi ladies I just needed a place to vent. I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and have the worst m/s. I went in last week to the doctors to finally get diclectin ( I was throwing up 7+ times per day) - it worked great for the first 2 days and now I am worse than I was before. I throw up right after no matter what I eat and I sometimes can not even make it to the bathroom. I am already taking 4 pills /day any help would be greatly appreciated.


javidsgirl - February 5

i highly suggust sweety you go see your doc to try another medication to help with the m/s before you become severly dehydrated


mlg8 - February 5

My dr referred to Zofran as the wonder drug. She said that up ntil a few weeks ago she was not able to give it to people unless she tried 25 other things 1st b/c it was SOOOOO expensive. Well a few weeks ago they came out with it in generis and she was then able to give it to me. She told me I had perfect itming to get sick. I was horribly sick and have really not had a symptom since I started taking it and that was about 3w ago. I am 81/2w now and will swear by it!!!! HTH


JulieK - February 7

I feel your pain Chrissie. Although I am not as bad as you, I am also on Diclectin and still vomit most days at least once, if not more. Yes it worked like a charm for about 2 days, then started losing its effect. I am almost 13 weeks now so I am just going to ride it out a couple more weeks, but you still have a ways to go so I would really suggest going back to your doctor and letting them know it isn't working for you. A girl from my first pregnancy's prenatal cla__s had morning sickness for her whole pregnancy, and no drug helped. She was hospitalized 4 times for dehydration. Best of luck.


chrissievan - February 8

Thanks for all of your advice... I also found a site on sickkids that deals with diclectin... if I take the 4 pills and spread them out by 6 hours then it is not as bad I still throw up a couple of times but I can keep most things down no problem. I am so tired as well, I hope this ends soon - I am in bed every night at 7:00. GL ladies - congrats JulieK on entering into trimester 2!!



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