Male Vs Female OBGYN

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sashasmama - November 8

Please share your opinions and experiences. I'm not asking on who's better, but I need some information. It seems that there are more male obgyns than female, why do you think that is? And whom would you trust more? Thank you!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 8

this is my first experience with an OB but mine right now is a guy.. I really don't have an opinion of him yet. though, everyone I have asked that has had both says they like the guys better.. they say they are more sensitive to how you are feeling and such because some women OBs when they are around women all the time and such just see another preggo chick they will stick stuff places and tell you stuff bluntly I hear male OBs are usually a little more sugar coated and make sure you are feeling well and tell you when they are gonna poke or prode you. like I said I haven't had any specific experiances of my own but I think Im okay with having a male OB this time around :) -Heather<3


eastcoast - November 8

My OB is a male and I think he's great. I've never had a female so I can't really compare the two, but I really feel like my OB listens when I talk and I've never left his office feeling like my concerns hadn't been addressed or my questions hadn't been answered. I'm not sure if I'd trust a male more than a female or vice versa, I think it depends more on your comfort level with that person (as your doctor) as opposed to their gender, but I have no problems with my current OB.


Brendansmom - November 8

With my first pregnancy, the practice was all female Drs. They all had children so I felt they could relate and they were very nice, almost motherly. This time the practice has both. I have seen 3 different male drs and I like them just as much. Although when they give advice I sometimes feel like saying "yeah, how do you know?" One Dr. told me to not eat anything after 6:00 to help with acid reflux at bedtime. I actually laughed out loud and thought, you obviously have no idea what it's like to be fat and hungry all the time!! But other than that I really can't complain. It's really a matter of who you are more comfortable with. When the time comes to deliver, you don't want to be stressing about the Dr.


nola-gal - November 8

i love my obgyn. she has been my "lady doctor" for three years now, and will also be my ob. i have been to men, but just wasn't comfortable. really, it's who you feel the most comfortable with. and the one who takes you and your needs seriously.


Happymommy - November 8

I have been to both male and female--good experiences and bad experiences with both. My dr now happens to be a male, but with my last baby I had a female. For me, finding a reputable doctor, who practices according to the ethics that are important to me, is more important than the gender.


jennifer_33106 - November 8

My doctor is male and he is awesome. It is all about your comfort level. Gender dosent matter to be honest. Look at the credentials and past experiences before male or female. I have heard people say "Why would a man want to be a OBGYN" But the same thing applies to a woman. Why would a woman want to be one, If you are looking for a OB then I would suggest going to you can check out the past expierences of other patients for the doctor you are looking at. GL!


kay101 - November 8

I've always been more comfortable with women. I'm really, really not fond of the ob office in the first place, the thought of someone sticking their fingers or a speculum up there freaks me out, but that's besides the point. I guess I feel less violated because they have the same stuff down there I do. They also seem to be more gentle, probably because they know what it's like to be up on the table themselves. I thought sometimes the males were a bit more forceful and their fingers were wider too. I've never had an bad experiences with ob's of either s_x though.



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