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lin-z - March 28

Okay ladies, I'm hoping someone out might be able to shed some light on this. I'm actually getting a second opinion this next week. I'm calculated by ultrasound to be probably 6-7 weeks fetal age, 10 weeks gestational age (I ovulated late). I've had spotting, and was put on Prometrium to relax the uterus and it really seems to have helped. Now I had ultrasounds at 5 and 6 weeks- one week apart. We've seen the baby and the heartbeat. The heartbeat was 102 the first ultrasound at 5 weeks and now it is 96 on the second one at 6 weeks. My HCGs have risen but very slowly. They're not actually even doubling. The prognosis is poor and I'm scheduled for another ultrasound in two weeks. I've sought a second opinion just so I have another unbiased perspective on this. On the second ultrasound, the sonographer told me she could not see the yolk sac and that the gesational sac was a little misshapen. My HCG levels are at 500 at 5 weeks. Can the baby live without the yolk sac?? I can't find any information on this anywhere. My baby has a heartbeat, but they're saying there is no yolk sac.


ROBYN - March 28

First i am very sorry for what you are going thru by everything you are writing it doesnt sound very promising as for the yolk sac it appears in the 2nd week, and is attached to the underside of the embryonic disk. It forms blood cells and early s_x cells, and becomes partially incorporated in the umbilical cord. The yolk sac is needed until the placenta forms at 12 weeks and takes over yes you definitely need it for a fetus to grow.


stefkay - March 29

lin-z, i too am very sorry to hear this...Robyn is right and also the heartbeat going down AND hcg not doubling is not a good sign at how far along you should be. I always say that miracles can happen as I've seen them here many times!!! The waiting is the worst I know because you just want to know what is going on...hang in there and know there is lots of support on this site...


lin-z - March 29

ROBYN and Stefkay, Thanks for your responses. I am rather resigned after that last appointment to accept what the sonographer is telling me. I did decide to get a second opinion from another sonography group just so I have an unbiased, but matching consensus. I am not really expecting to see/hear the heartbeat this time, but the doctor might be able to shed some light on what is going on. I think it might help me realize I've tried to do everything possible and I am hoping the the second opinion will help give me closure. Maybe not so many "what-ifs" lingering. I will let you girls know what I find out next Friday when I go for the second opinion. Thank you so much for your honesty and facts. It really does help.


stefkay - March 29

Hi, gosh my heart breaks reading your post. I had 6 miscarriages myself so I understand completely. I hate replying to posts like yours and usually debate it in my head first but I know at least for me that I posted all the time with questions before I knew what I know now and wish others had told me straight up what would probably happen. Everyone wanted to sugar coat it, even my doctor and for me I was more devastated because of it. I was thankful for the honesty too but I also still hung onto SOME hope because you have to :) Most of mine came in that I KNEW i'd try again and I did and am currently 26 weeks :) I pray everyday she'll make it here safe and sound... Good luck to you!!!


lin-z - April 4

ROBYN and Stefkay, I went back for my ultrasound today and unfortunately the heartbeat has stopped. Unless I miscarry naturally in the next week, I'll have a D&C next weekend. I went ahead and pushed for it after I found out. I think if I had not been so frustrated and overwrought with the waiting for things to progress and/or deteriorate, I may have taken this a lot harder, but I feel nearly calm (Disappointed, but calm) because I just have some answers. My hormone levels are still going up and I was told I could expect that to happen maybe another week or so even after the D&C. Thank you ladies sooo much for your advice and the facts. I think even if the outcome was not as I would have liked, it is acceptable because I'm relieved of some these worries and what ifs too. Stefkay, thanks for the advice of putting my hopes into pregnancy again. I think that is exactly what I"m doing at this point- I know it can happen again and have a happy outcome because I've gotten this far already. So I'm just moving forward and for the meantime I'll have the D&C and maybe I can start back with exercise (since I've been on bedrest a month) and I can get outside some- and get some of the healthier aspects of my life back. I think I'll start feeling a lot better physically and emotionally. You guys have been great. I hope to see you on the forums in the future! I'm staying on because this WILL happen for me and I've learned a lot. Stefkay, best wishes to you- you guys have been honest, but instilled hope too:) Thanks!


tish212 - April 17

i am so sorry you went through this, however i have heard that it is easier to conceive after a D&C since it kinda "cleans" everything out... so i would def do what she advised and put your efforts towards trying and you are in my prayers that you get the lo you are wanting!



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