March April And May 2010 Mommies

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Neveah Mai - September 9

Hello all and Congrats on your pregnancy! I am going to be a first time mother and just found that out this morning, I will be 4 weeks tom. and am Due May 20, 2010!!!! I am so excited about all the joys being a mother will be and i cant wait till i get to see him or her in an ultrasound and find out what the baby is!!! I've been a little nausiated and such but haven't had much morning sickness other than that yet but i know its a little early and could stay this way or get worse with the weeks to come... Who knows... I would love to hear from ladies due in march, april and may and i look forward to all the conversations in the group and making great friends in this group!! Congrats to everyone again!!!!


BAF - September 10

Please feel free to join our thread under May Mommies. Welcome & blessings!


Bailey_Marie - September 10

hey neveah_mai.. I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my first and due in March, so just a little bit ahead of you. I've had morning sickness, it has been pretty bad but probably not as bad as it could be. I also cant wait till ultrasound time. Well message me back... I look foward to talking with you throughout my pregnancy.


Neveah Mai - September 10

BAF i am also in the may mommy thread as well but wanted to start one for march-may mommies as well so we can compare to people who are ahead of or behind us which ever it may be.. Welcome Bailey_marie!! 11 weeks that is awesome!! When is your exact due date?? I havent thrown up yet but i get nautious throught out the day already and i am only 4 weeks so i hope it doesnt get 2 worse!! And i agree i want ultrasound time to be here as well and i wanna know what i am having I have names picked out already... how about you???


KatieKat - September 18

Nevah!! Hey there! It's nice to join you on this side. Wink Wink! ;)


Skaman082 - September 19

I have not been on here the last few days. I've been suffering for morning sickness pretty bad. Not throwing up but wanting to. This baby does not like really anything to eat. Not like my son i could eat whatever and how much i wanted. I started having some bad cramping yesturday that started from my back and wrapped around to my stomach in the front. This went on for hours and every few mins. There was no spotting. I called my dr and they never called back so i called again a hr later. The lady was talking to me like i was dumb about stretching pains and whatnot. I knew what those were but this time it felt like the beginings of labor pains. So i took myself to the ER and got checked out. By the time i got there they were gone but i was dehydrated. I got an ultrasound done and everything seemed normal. Right on target as far as my due date. It was very active in there. Kicking and moving its arms around. It was pretty cool to see this. Oh and the baby heart rate was 164. This time i think it may be a girl. My son's heart rate ranged b/w 135-144. Long story short my fibroids somehow disappeared in the last few weeks. My doctors suggested i get a test ordered for kidney stones when i go back. Other than that over doing it and stress can bring on cramping. IT was nice when i finally got back home my mom took my son and i got to sleep... It was very nice b/c i longed for that for some time now. I hope everyone on here is doing well. I will try to keep in touch more often and ck in on everyone. :)



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