Maternity Bridesmaid HELP

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Pipa - March 9

Hello ladies! I'm currently 6wks pregnant. I'm due to be in my sister's wedding in early August. I'll be just shy of 7 months pregnant. I need to find a bridesmaid dress in (probably) baby pink but I'm having trouble finding attractive dresses that will go with her wedding. Do you have any suggestions of good websites or anything like that? Also, I have NO idea how to figure what size I'll be. I'm thinking about going to try on a belly at a maternity store to help estimate. Really not sure how to get all of this accomplished. I've done a search through google but haven't found many dresses that fit the bill or come in different colors.


preggoplease - March 9

Here are some sites I found and w w w to each one! Hope this helps!


kelley - March 9

Pipa... I have a similar problem... I am currently almost 19 weeks and I have to be in my best friend's wedding in May and I will be just over 6 months pregnant... they ended up buying a dress that matched the rest of the bridesmaids only in a much larger size than I needed and they are altering it. The other place that we found that has a small selection is David's Bridal... I am not sure if they are online or not... Good luck I can tell you that it is very frustrating trying to find a dress.


sfrog68 - March 9

I am in the same boat with you. I am in my best friends wedding in May and I will be around 6 months then. Well all the bridesmaids are wearing the same dress, so I am too. I went today to get measured and am waiting to hear back from them to tell me how they are going to handle the belly issue. I will more than likely have to get it altered right at the last minute. We will see. Good luck.


jamcar06 - March 9

Hello ladies, I know how you all feel. I am currently 6 weeks along and am due Nov 9th, me and my husband are in a wedding on Oct. 20th, so i'll 8 1/2 months, about to pop. We are just hoping that the baby waits to come till after the wedding. aaaaaahhhhhh.


GloriaD - March 10

I am in two weddings with this pregnancy, one at 24 weeks, one at 36! sells maternity dresses by designer so that if the other bridesmaids are wearing alfred angelo you can too! Basically there's not a lot of styles to choose from the the color palette is great so at least you'll match the rest of the wedding party.


tk07 - March 10

hi! me too! i already have my dress, we bought it 2 sizes bigger not knowing if i would even be pregnant and i will be almost 7 months along for the wedding! but i think we can get it to work because i am short so if we hike it up and make it not looked hiked up i think i will be ok because it is an A-line so there is extra room below the belly area. there are some online at Davids Bridal, not a big color selection though. good luck!!!


jennysi - March 10

hi Pipa, i was my friends bridesmaid when i was 4 days overdue with my first son. we went out and chose the fabric and found a sympathetic seemstress who kept getting me in for fittings in the run up to the wedding and the final fitting was the week before. i tried on a few in shops but found that the larger sizes just didnt fit properly, she made this one with a much longer front than back so it all hang at the same length. we had so many shop a__sistants asking as to whether or not she could just choose a different bridesmaid!! in front of me too! how rude, very 'pretty woman'...i'm sorry, we have nothing for you here madam!! i looked gorgeous in the end too!



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