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Maddie - May 14

I was wondering when everyone starts wearing maternity clothes? I am only 11 weeks and I really think I need to start.


Amy - May 14

I am 10w 2d and I have to go shopping for maternity clothes VERY soon. I really could've been wearing them past couple of weeks. I've just been buying bigger clothes instead of maternity.


Adri - May 14

I'm 9w 4d and have had to put away my old clothes and buy many pairs of draw string pants ( they are sooo comfy). However, I don't think I'm quite ready for maternity clothes yet.


cara - May 14

I am 14 weeks and today I need to buy some new pants-I've worn my jeans for as long as I could!


Ca__sie - May 14

I'm only at 10 weeks, but I can't fit into my "fitting" jeans anymore. I wear my looser jeans and by the afternoon, have to unb___ton the top. I guess I need to go buy some drawstring pants too. :-)


Lynn - May 16

I am almost 12 weeks and running intot he same problem. I found a few pairs of maternity pants that sit under the belly that I can wear with a non-maternity top & you really can't tell that they are maternity & they are sooo comfortable. Got them at Old Navy.. they are linen too so makes them even more comfortable! I started out with my bigger clothes - a size up from what I normally wear & by the end of the workday I can't wait to get home & change into my sweatpants or yoga pants I am so uncomfortable!


Heidi - May 16

I'm 17 wks going on 18 this week and I couldn't wear my jeans at about 15 wks. I had to get a bigger size. I haven't bought maternity pants yet as bigger jeans seem to fit okay right now.


Kristi - May 16

I am 13 weeks and have started wearing maternity clothes. I can't believe that I start showing this early. At first I just thought I was bloated, but now I am really getting a bulge.


Betsy - May 16

I am 10 weeks and all of my pants are getting very tight too. I know I'll be buying maternity clothes soon.



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