Maternity Pillow

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wv_red - October 21

I have been having a real c__ppy time sleeping and waking up with some back pains. I was reading about the maternity pillow but there are different ones and prices and all that good stuff. I guess what my question is if anyone else has started using one and if so what type and what do you think of it. I will be 9wks tomorrow and I do use one of the body pillows. One of the rectangle shaped ones but I always end up laying on my back or kicking it out of bed. It is just a pain in the rump. Also I am worried about if the pillows are too big. I only have a queen size bed and a husband who thinks 3/4 of it is his. So working with limited space. Thank you for your imput ahead of time :-)


EricaG - October 21

lol, no maternity pillow here, I tried that when I was pregnant with my daughter and it didn't work out. This time my husband and I just went out and bought a king sized bed. It's working much better than our full size.


ChattyKathy - October 21

Those maternity pillos are better for taking pressure off your hips and supporting the belly when you lay on your side. It probably wont do too much good for you at the moment.


jezebel1018 - October 21

my gf told me she bought one and didnt use it for so long thinking it was ridiculous, one day she did and she said shes never slept better in her life. try it what can it hurt :)


jezebel1018 - October 21

i'll ask her what brand she used


autumnsmommy - October 22

i just always used a regular body pillow from walmart. Used one through my whole pregnancy with my dd and I just bought another one for this pregnancy. Can't sleep without it! :)


fefer1 - October 23

well - I just used TWO body pillows. :) We only have a queen size bed but my hubby got the edge..while I took up 3/4 of it. Having two pillows seemed to help a lot for me - but I would still end up on my back. :)


Brendansmom - October 23

This is our last baby and my dh is counting down to when he can burn my pillow. I had sever back pain during my 1st pregnancy so I bought this huge pillow that is shaped like a horseshoe. It's kinda like having 2 body pillows. The shape is great. In the middle of it on both sides there is a part that sticks out so if you are on your side one side supports your belly and the other side supports your back. It is a life saver, but dh was hate it for sure!! I ordered it from it's called the back and belly contoured pillow.



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