Maternity Suits

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Kim - March 8

I am only in my 7th week of pregnancy and I think that I am starting to show. I am only about 5' and average weight. I have never been super thin because I border on hypothroidism but I am not overweight either. I have been eating healthy but noticed that most of my suits no longer fit and I can't seem to suck my belly in at all. I work in sales and need to wear a suit every day. I am working with my boss this week and I am running out of options (he does not know I am pregnant yet). Does anyone know a good place to buy maternity suits at a fair price? I know I'll have to buy quite a few and so I was hoping to get them for a decent price. When my boss is not with me, I think that I'll opt for pants or a skirt and a blouse. I can't believe I'm starting to show already! I wouldn't think that this was even possible except for similar posts I've read. Any thoughts?


Too Soon - March 17

Your bloated not showing. I know how you feel though b/c we all fell somewhat the same but definantly not showing!!! Its way too soon. Ohhhh.....that bubble or whatever else you mmight feel is also not the baby as he too is too small!!! Its called gas. So I would recommend to stay away from the beans. If you are interested in wearing things that you feel You are ready for than try maternity .com or other things like that. You can find suits there....However everything I've found for maternity wear is more expensive than the more casual look. Good Luck


Tracy - April 8

I am also 7 weeks and i am showing a little and my clothes are not fitting and i also can't bear to have anything on my belly. where can i find affordable suits


Steph - April 8

I just bought some work clothes at Motherhood! They are pretty comfy and nice too! They are also having a sale although I found that everything that I liked was not that of the sale items! Their tops run at about $20.00 bucks and the pants about $35.00. Underwear (3 pack) thong or bikini low & high are ares sold for $10.00. They have bras too but not a variety in black. Mostly all white so I'm headed too Victorias Secret today and Target too. You can try Old Navy for some comfies which are always having good sales!


nicole - April 8

i think target has alot of nice stuff and they have alot of good stuff for the working woman. at least ive seen suits and skirts, dressy items. i also like motherhood maternity. walmart even sells maternity clothes but i havent seen what your asking for does beall's outlet. i went there and bought alot of nice shirts for 10 bucks. they all come from other department stores so you never know what you might find.



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