May 08 Mommies After Miscarriage

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Disaya07 - October 11

I thought this would be good for any new moms or moms in general that have had miscarriages in the past and are due in May 2008. I am officially 8 weeks pregnant. I have had 3 miscarriages within the last 3 years. With each miscarriage I was never able to see a baby just the sac once and nothing on the other two occassions. Well I was finally able to see my baby at 5W6D and was even able to see the tiny heartbeat. Needless to say I was overjoyed. Today I had my 2nd ultrasound visit and boy has my baby growed. Is there anyone else that finally feels like this is there time after having lost the most precious thing that could ever happen to a woman.


wv_red - October 12

Disaya07, Hi. I too am 8 wks and have had a bad miscarriage in the past to the point where I am scared poopless this time around. I was pregnant 2 yrs ago and was 11wks when my baby just died. No reason ever given to me about what happened or anything. I had lost so much blood when I m/c that my pulse and BP was so low they had to do an emergancy DNC on me. That was the worst day of my life. I am scared with this one because what if the same thing happens again. It took us 1 year to get pregnant this time and I am praying everyday that I make it to that point. I am 27 and a family is what I want. Everything has been so surreal lately. My doctor wont get me in for an u/s until Oct 22 even concidering my history, so that just makes me more nervous. I have had the what ifs running through my head and bad dreams to go along with it but so far everything has been good. No bleeding, hardly any m/s but its there. Wow I cant beleive how relieved I feel getting that out. Thank you. I wish everyone a great and healthy trek with our lil beans.


Disaya07 - October 12

Hi WV_Red, I know exactly what you mean. Just try to think positive about the whole thing. At least we both know that we can pregnant, it just the point of keeping our babies. It sucks that some docs don't really understand what we are going through and take their time about getting us in the office. With my first miscarriage, I switched docs right after, b/c they were so nonchalant about it. I mean I know it is so common, but have some sympathy. With my 2nd & 3rd, I had the same doc and she is awesome. She told that as soon as I got a BFP to call right away and schedule an appt. I did and the next week they gave me an ultrasound where I was able to see my little bean for the first time. I was so excited. This pregnancy unlike the others was not planned. I had kind of given up it for a while, but it happened. I was so scared at first and it was so hard for me to be excited, but once I was able to see the baby things felt so much better. I know what you are going through. I am 25 and feel like I'm at the right point in my life now to have a baby. Sprinkling lots of baby dust all over this forum for you and others!!


amylove0701 - October 12

hello ladies.. im 7 weeks a 1 day pregnant today.... i had a m/c in April : ( my m/c was early 6 weeks with no dnc....but i changed dr after it bc he never did a follow up or anything... i like my new one but he wouldnt do a u/s yet he seen me at 5 weeks 5 days... he is going to do an u/s oct 29 so not too much longer... i just want to see the baby and hear the hb!! GOOD luck to you all baby dust and belly rubs!!


jen23 - October 12

hi disaya07!!! im really happy for you and hope everyhting goes well this time round. i myself have never suffered a misscarriage and cant even imagine what you have gone through but it is something i would not like anyone to go through. my best friend suffered a misscarriage and it really affected her. good luck!!!


ChattyKathy - October 12

7w2d here with two miscarriages under my belt. First was at 5w3d about a year ago. Second was a missed miscarriage found at 17 weeks in march of this year. Its been a long road, but the more I feel this pregnancy progress the more excited I am becoming and really hoping for all the best. Good luck!!!


Disaya07 - October 16

Welcome Amy, Jen, & ChattyKathy! How is everyone doing? I am now 9 weeks (as of Sunday) and I am so excited. My EDD is May 18. When is everyone else due? I feel very good about this pregnancy and hope everything goes well for you all. WV_red, how are things going for you? I'm still a little hesitant about telling others, but my fiance just wants to let the world know. He doesn't understand and soemtimes I get so upset with him. I just need to realize that he's very excited too. I actually told only one of my friends and found out through that friend that another friend is 10 weeks pregnant so we're due right around the same time. Good luck to you all!


wv_red - October 16

Disaya07 this have been going good so far. No spotting just a lil cramping. I think we told everyone a couple of days after we found out. Kindof couldnt hide it cause I use to like to drink. No more of that for me for a long time. I have a good feeling this time too and cant wait to get to the 2nd trimester. Chatty Kathy, how are you doing? I am glad that everyone is doing well!!! Good luck and God bless to all of us!



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