May 2006

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SB - August 25

I just found out today! Woo Hoo! Looks like I'm due May 4th!


bean - August 25

Congratulations!!!! Wishing you a happy, healthy, and uneventful 8 more months!!!


Tiff - August 26

Thats great! congrats! i have had three positive pregnancy test and if correct i will be due May 5th!!! I am going to get a blood test today! i pray everything is okay!!!!


Mrs H - August 29

Hello SB, I too have just found out that I'm expecting my first baby & it'll be due on 6th May!!! I feel great, tired, sick but fantastically great I'm actually quite scared. The two tests I took were positive & I have always always had regular periods, sometimes to the hour but this one hasn't come!!! Weird but great. Is this your first?


Mrs H - August 29

How rude of me to direct my last note to just SB, apologies to the other ladies & hello to you's too. & Congratulations. I think my brain has started to go already!!! sorry


Tiffany - August 29

Congrats SB I too just found out Im pregnant. I find out if my HCG levels are rising today. I went in for my second blood work on Saturday. Im nervous to find out. But Im hoping all is well keep me in your prayers and happy and healthy pregnancies to you all/ xoxoxo


Emily - August 29

I am due May 1st. I am so excited-congratulations to all of you!


Alycia - August 29

Due May 8 here! So happy for all of us.


Alison - August 30

We are due may 4th, wishing all happy and healthy days ahead!!!


Nicole - August 30

Hey Girls! I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant! Was 2 days late.. took the test and there it was a BFP! Finally, after over a year of trying! Going to my first GYN appt on 9/13. I havent been taking any vitamins.. is this ok? congrats to all!


Monique - August 31

Hey Girls!! I too got a BFP yesterday!! According to website calculations my due date should be around May 7th!! NICOLE---IT IS NOT OKAY NOT TO TAKE VITAMINS!! START TAKING THEM IMMEDIATELY!! Here we go.... (big smile)


Nicole - September 1

I called my gyno and they said to not take any vitamins until I come in for my first appt at 7 weeks! I guess as long as I continue to eat healthy its ok..


Alycia - September 1

Nicole - at the very least, you really, REALLY need to take 400 mcg folic acid. It helps prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida, and it's needed in the first few weeks of pregnancy (esp 4-6). You really should take it - if you're worried, call your OB and get the okay.


Sharon - September 1

Found out today too! May 9th!


Nicole - September 1

Thanks Alycia and monique.. I called my gyno and they said that as long as i am eating a balanced and healthy diet theres no need to take the additional folic acid supplements until i come in at 7 weeks.. i guess its ok.. i mean we've been having babies for 1000's of years without vitamin supplements so i guess it wont hurt too much.. if i werent eating health, vitamin packed foods then i could understand having to take the vitamin supplements but for now im just gonna listen to my dr and wait.. i heard you could actually harm the baby if u take the wrong or too many vitamins... thanks for your help!


Rebecca - September 3

Due May 1st! 1st baby, I'm surprised at how great I'm feeling - no sickness (knock on wood). My doctor had me begin the prenatal vitamins before we even started trying.


NINA - September 3

Congrats. I am two days late and had a + home test this morning will go for the blood test tomorrow . Pray with me please.



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