May 2008 Babies Club Part 2

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ChattyKathy - October 28

"A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone." - Author Unknown


ChattyKathy - October 28

Welcome to part 2, May Mommies! Only a couple more weeks until we are all ready to move into the second trimester! --- I have my first appointment and hopefully hear a healthy little heartbeat this thursday. I'm so anxious! I hope everyone else is doing well. RMC, I'm SO relieved to hear that everything is going okay. Did your dr put you on any type of restrictive activity? Even if not, I'd still take it easy to make sure that bleeding doesn't come back. MissP, you will always be our honorary member! I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope you are able to grieve the loss and continue to move forward from this. BEST of luck with TTC and you make sure to keep us updated on things! You aren't allowed to lose touch with us!


reneenay - October 28

Hi all! Nice quote, ChattyKathy. I hit the 11 week mark today. One more week and I'll hit the 2nd tri. Can't wait! I am starting to stick out a little bit now. It's so weird! MissP, I know it will be painful for a while, but I would love it if you stuck with us and kept us updated on your progress. I just looked into my crystal ball and saw you with a baby in the near future! As for the rest of us, it's getting exciting! Not long now and we will know the s_x of our babies (that is if you want to know). Can't wait for that December appointment. It being my first I am very anxious to know what it is (and I'm sick of calling it "it".)


ChattyKathy - October 28

I can't wait! Last time BF and I decided we were going to wait to find out the gender until birth, but this time around I am adament about finding out at the u/s! Does anyone have any gender predictions for themselves? This time around I have a feeling its a boy. Anyone else?


Disaya07 - October 28

Hi Ladies-I hit the 11 week mark today. Yippee. I totally agree, not long and we'll be able to stop calling our babies it. LOL. For some odd reason I feel like I'm carrying a boy too, but really would love to have a girl as this will be my first. But as long as my baby is healthy I could care less as long as it's hear in May of next year. I am starting to show a little too, I don't have a six pack as it is, but now it's more evident that my tummy is starting to poke out a little more. When are you all going to start wearing maternity clothes?


ChattyKathy - October 28

Oh, gosh. I think I'll be wearing them sooner than expected, or at least buying some comfy sweat pants! I already feel like I need to unb___ton my pants to sit down some days, ESPECIALLY in the afternoon. I seem to be more bloated then. Last time around I shopped for some tops around 15 weeks or so when I thought I was going to stretch our my regular shirts. I'm guessing I'll be taking those out of boxes around that time, too. For now its just comfy pants and T-shirts whenever I can get away with it! Have you taken any belly shots yet?


Disaya07 - October 28

I know the feeling. It's so uncomfortable. Most of the time I'm lounging in sweats and a t-shirt too. I think I'll have to start doing a little shopping soon. My sister has always been naturally thin and didn't have to purchase maternity clothes until like the end of her 6th month. I have taken a couple of belly shots, just to keep up with the progress of protruding belly.


sammommy - October 28

Hi Ladies ~ It was so fun to read your posts. I am also 11 weeks today :) How fun that there are a few with the exact same date. My belly is huge, and I am definately living in sweats. We found out a few weeks ago we're having twins. Crazy!!! I have my 2nd u/s in a week from Monday.....I'm hoping they cooperate and give us a peek at the genders :) Best of luck to all of you!!


reneenay - October 28

I noticed that I just started to pop out a little this week...even moreso at night. I think I'm going to start buying winter maternity clothes next month. Can't ever have enough comfy pajamas/sweats! Disaya07 and sammommy, we are all 11 weeks exactly today! Wow, that particular day back in August must have been a lucky one...there was baby dust in the air.


RMC - October 28

ChattyKathy - I was on bedrest for 3 days but other than that, nothing restrictive except no heavy lifting. I am trying to take it pretty easy. reneenay - I can't wait to find out the s_x either. I have 4 boys and this will be my last so we are praying hard for a girl. sammommy - twins! How exciting! Congratulations! Well, I too have a little pouch, but then, I just had a baby in Feb. so that can be part of it too (:


reneenay - October 29

My gender prediction for myself is that it's a girl. Girls are generally always born first in my and my husband's families. But who knows, maybe we'll break to mold. Also, I had a few dreams earlier on that I was caring for a baby girl with golden blond hair. Maybe there's something to that...who knows?!? Since it's my first, I have no preference either way.


Keri11 - October 29

Hi ladies. I hope you dont mind me coming into your thread. Dh and I have a almost four year old son (Nov. 7) and were ttc #2 for 2 years. Went in for help and I was put on Provera for 10 days, then Clomid 50 mg days 5-9. Went in for my day 21 progesterone test and it was a 2.65, the doc said no way of being preg. so we would do Clomid 100 mg. I was a week late and too a test and I was pregnant!!!! YAY! My due date is MAy 31, 08. I will start my 10 weeks on Thursday. May seems so far away but I cannot believe I am almost 10 weeks already. My doc wants me to go in for a v____al u/s on Nov. 12th...I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is normal or not? With my son I didnt have one, I just had the normal u/s at 20 weeks. Anyway again I hope no one minds me coming in.


ChattyKathy - October 29

Hi, Keri! Welcome! They probably want to do an ultrasound since you were on fertility treatments, just to see how the little ones doing and how far along everything has progressed. I wouldn't be worried =) I'm hoping for an early ultrasound after my losses, so hopefully we'll get to see our healthy little ones near the same date! I'm due May 28th. =)


RMC - October 29

Keri - I didn't have u/s with my first 3 until 20 weeks but with my last pregnancy, and this one, I had v____al u/s early on. I have my 4th u/s scheduled for Nov. 6, so I'm going to be anxious for the next week!


sterlinberlin05 - October 30

Hi everyone...I've been looking all around these forum things and this is the only one I guess fits so I hope you don't mind. Congratulations to all of you. I'm due on may 7th so I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow. I have a three year old son so here's hoping for a girl!! I feel like that's what it's going to be just because I've been pretty much only thinking of girl names. My husband doesn't want to find out the s_x and part of me doesn't want to but I'm way too much of a planner I I don't know what I'm going to do. You girls are lucky I have only been able to wear 2 pairs of regular pants for like a month already and that's with a hair tie around the b___tons for room! Probably just bloating or whatever but I look stupid because if I wear my maternity clothes they're still big everywhere else ya know. So I pretty much stay in the house a lot so I can wear sweats. Have any of you ladies had your symptoms kinda go away? I guess I just haven't really had much this pregnancy, But my b___sts aren't as sore and I don't have a lot of cravings...just keep gaining weight. Have you gained weight? If that's not too personal. I've gained like 10 lbs. I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow. I'm waiting for my next app. to hear the heart beat we haven't done that yet. Ok I've talked enough..I just feel like I know so much about you all already.


sarahnicolesmom - October 30

Hi!! I had my 2nd appointment on Thursday, October 25th and it went great. We saw our little bundle of joy again with a very strong h/b (167 hpm). My dh was so excited and so was our little girl. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling better than are you guys doing?? MissP you're welcome here anytime you like -- hope youre feeling better ...


Keri11 - October 30

Thanx ChattyKathy and RMC. I am sure it is just a routine thing. When you have a v____al u/s are you able to see the baby like a regular u/s? I am so excited to the him/her. Hopefully her, I had my boy now I need my girl. Hi Sterlin- I was sick the first two months and I would say half the third month. I am now feeling better, enough to actually eat and enjoy it. My b___st were so sore that I couldnt take my bra off (sorry if TMI), I had to have that support...Now they are feeling better, I can finally take it off at night and enjoy sleeping. Theres nothing like sleeping in a I have gained 3 pounds and I will be 10 weeks on Thursday, the doc said it is probably from the bloating, I guess preg. woman bloat the first three months. I also havent been able to wear my reg. pants but not because they dont fit just because they are so uncomfortable on my tummy. I told my doc and she said not to put too much pressure there, since that also could make you sick. So I stopped wearing them and started wearing sweatpants also. I feel like a slob, but well worth it. Also, if you already dont have it get the book "What to expect when your expecting", I really recommend that book. Answers alot of questions you might have. Ok, I think I have rambled on enough...sorry. Hope everyone has a good day today.



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