May 2008 Babies Club Part 2

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Keri11 - October 30

Thanx ChattyKathy and RMC. I am sure it is just a routine thing. When you have a v____al u/s are you able to see the baby like a regular u/s? I am so excited to the him/her. Hopefully her, I had my boy now I need my girl. Hi Sterlin- I was sick the first two months and I would say half the third month. I am now feeling better, enough to actually eat and enjoy it. My b___st were so sore that I couldnt take my bra off (sorry if TMI), I had to have that support...Now they are feeling better, I can finally take it off at night and enjoy sleeping. Theres nothing like sleeping in a I have gained 3 pounds and I will be 10 weeks on Thursday, the doc said it is probably from the bloating, I guess preg. woman bloat the first three months. I also havent been able to wear my reg. pants but not because they dont fit just because they are so uncomfortable on my tummy. I told my doc and she said not to put too much pressure there, since that also could make you sick. So I stopped wearing them and started wearing sweatpants also. I feel like a slob, but well worth it. Also, if you already dont have it get the book "What to expect when your expecting", I really recommend that book. Answers alot of questions you might have. Ok, I think I have rambled on enough...sorry. Hope everyone has a good day today.


sarahnicolesmom - October 30

By the way Chattykathy we're due on the same date!!! I have a little girl who's going to be 3 on December 20th and I feel I might be havin another girl. I always told my husband as a joke he would only have little girls and I think it's going to be true...I wouldn't mind if I were to have another girl they are awesome -- but if a little boy comes around it would be next appointment is on November 15th, I will be 12 weeks and 1 day by then. Can't wait to hit the 2nd tri!!


Lucky Diamond - October 30

Hi, everyone and welcome to all the new mothers-to-be. I hopw that you all are doing great, i had an appt yesterday I am now 13 weeks (YES!). my doc couldn't found the heartbeat, so she did an u/s and the baby was moving around so much, the doc was so surprised to see how active the baby was. So everything is going well, just praying and looking forward to health pregnancy. And, sterlinberlin05 lost five pounds, but I am sure I will gain that back and more LOL. ChattyKathy, Thanks for starting Part II, this is just what we needed.


amylove0701 - October 30

Hello all... im back i found the new went to the dr yesterday...and i got to see the baby and see heart beat... i was disapointed i couldnt hear it.. not that the man tried...grrr or get a pic... he couldnt even get the machine to print!! What a moron..... Welcome keri!!! im glad you joined!!! Ladies i have a question... My "dr" isnt a dr i just found out... he name says.... peek D.O.... whats d.o??? I dont know what to think about that!! any one know???I have a gender prediction... i think im having a girl...a boy would be fine just got a gut feeling its a girl i had a dream about


mtneyes - October 30

Hello everyone! I'm really excited as well. I am due May 23rd so it was neat to find May Mommies. It's nice to see I'm not the only one experiencing some of this stuff. I have gained around ten pounds already too! I get to go to my second appt next week and will get to hear the heartbeat hopefully. I am so excited for that. I can't wait to find out what I'm having when I have my ultrasound. I'm hoping for a boy because I have an 8 year old daughter. But, just like everyone else, I will be so happy with whatever I'm blessed with. Hope you all are having a good day :)


bchflwr - October 30

Hi ladies! It has been probably a week since I have posted, things at work have been crazy busy! Welcome to the new mommies! Mtneyes, I am due the day before you, on the 22nd! I have found this pregnancy to be going so much faster than my first. Can you believe we are almost on the 2nd tri board? I definately have a baby belly now, and am also in the weird my clothes don't fit, but maternity clothes are too big faze. We are just waiting for the ultrasound next Wednesday to make sure the bleeding in my uterus is gone, and of course to see my new baby! I will be 12weeks exactly on the day of the ultrasound. My gender prediction is another boy, which is just fine with me! It will be interesting to see when we all find out what we are having, how many of us are right!


reneenay - October 30

Hi everyone! Great to see some new moms joining the club. I'm 11 and-a-half weeks now, anxiously awaiting my next appointment in 2 weeks. Bchflwr, I am in the same boat...normal clothes dont' fit, maternity clothes are big. If any of you can't let go of your favorite jeans, I recomment the "bella band" for those who haven't heard of it. It's great. I did find a really cute black maternity dress at target today! Yeah! It is so strange to see my own belly bulge now. I was always that little girl who put the pillow inside her shirt and pretended to be pregnant, wondering what it would be like. I have wanted to be pregnant for so long and now that I am it's just so surreal! The belly bulge is very will tide me over until that next appointment. Is everyone else starting to feel a bit better? If not, hopefully soon! Take care, Renee.


RMC - October 31

Hey all! Welcome new mommies! My due date keeps changing. It started off as the 23, then the 22nd, now we're sitting at the 21st - not that they matter because I'll have a c section about 10 days early anyway. Well, I have not gained weight, I've actually lost about 5 pounds, too, but I still somehow have a pooch in my stomach & you can so tell I'm pregnant already lol. My next appointment isn't until Nov. 20 th since I went so many times with my scare. AAAArRRRgh .. I hate waiting. Keri - a v____al u/s shows the same things, only there isn't too much baby to see at this point, it's still more of a blob. My u/s tech gave us pictures & it kind of just looked like a peanut lol. I don't have any symptoms except sore bbs & I am always sooo tired!


bchflwr - October 31

Hi ladies, RMC, I know what you mean about changing the due dates. So far I have been told May 22nd, June 2nd, May 27, and now back to May 22nd. So we will see if they change it again when I go for the us on 11/7. As far as the weight gain, I had already gained 2 lbs at my 10 week checkup. It was kind of a surprise to me because when I was preggo with Hunter I did not gain anything until 20 weeks. I shouldn't really be surprise, this pregnancy has been very different from my last! Are you guys still experiencing ms? I feel so much better this week, and food is actually appealing! Hope everyone is doing well!


mtneyes - October 31

bchflwr I am feeling a little better. Not quite what I was before but I'm not complaining. I'm finding that this pregnancy is very different from my last as well. I'm sicker, my b___sts are way more sore (sorrry if TMI), I'm gaining weight faster, showing sooner. Maybe it's because I'm older, lol. I'm hoping it's because I'm having a boy, where as I had a girl with my last pregnancy. Anyways, Happy Halloween to everyone!!


wv_red - October 31

Hi ladies!!!! i havent checked in in a while, sorry. Glad to see all the new ladies that joined us, WELCOME!!!!!!!!! Just pa__sed 10 weeks and 11 is right around the corner, still a little scared. My last pregnancy I lost it at 11 weeks so defiently still a little frightened. RMC I am so glad everything turned out good. That was quite a scare. I like the quote Chatty kathy, very cute! As for the s_x of the baby I couldnt tell you. Everyone I know is saying I am going to have a girl because I already have 8 nephews. 4 from each sister. I cant wait to find out. Happy Holloween ladies!!!! Oh BTW has anyone heard from hunnybunny? I was wondering how she was doing. ~~belly rubs~~


Keri11 - October 31

Happy Halloween all! Thank you for answering my question RMC. When I have the u/s I will be 12 weeks so I am hoping to see a little leg or arm. I will be happy just to see and hear the heart beating. I cannot wait. It should go quick, my sons 4th b-day is on Nov. 7th so we are busy getting that all planned and then of course getting ready for Trick or Treating. So far it is going fast. My doc said my EDD is May 31 but the u/s will give us a better idea. I hope it doesnt change though, May 31 is my dads b-day. I had my son on his due date and I am hoping to have this one on my dad's, so fx. Thank you all for welcoming to your forum...Its so neat to talk to the people with Due dates so close to mine. Hope everyone is doing good and has a safe and fun Halloween!


ChattyKathy - October 31

Keri, thats exciting! With the last pregnancy I had an u/s where the baby was 12 weeks and if you look you can see teeny tiny little fingers! Its amazing. Good luck at getting your little one to hold still long enough to get a good picture! My first appointment is tomorrow and we're hoping to get to hear the heartbeat. I'll be 10 weeks so we may or may not. I'm extremely nervous that we'll discover something wrong with the baby, so wish me luck!!!


sterlinberlin05 - October 31

I am sooo envious of you girls who can actually loose weight while pregnant!! I gained 52 lbs with my son...I hope I don't do that again!!! Good luck chattyKathy hope everything goes well! I can't wait for mine either! I hope they listen for it on tues. when I go. Have any of you ever had a v____al birth after a c section? I had a c-section with the last becasue he was breech but I was thinking of trying it the old fashion way this time. Any advice? wv_red, that sounds like my husbands family! Between ours and his close cousins and siblings children there are 14 boys and only three girls! So here's hoping for a 4th! And I've decided to try and wait this one out and not find out the s_x until birth but we'll see what happens when the doc says do you want to know the s_x!? hopefully I'll keep my composure and say no. take care happy holloween!


bchflwr - November 1

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well! Talking about gender, I don't know how you ladies can wait the 9 months to find out what you are having! I think 20 weeks is long enough! And I am just too nosy to not find out! ChattyKathy, I am sure everything is going to be fine today. Let us know if you get to hear the heartbeat.


Keri11 - November 1

Morning Ladies! How is everyone today? ChattyKathy I know everything will be fine. Let us know if you get to hear the heartbeat, I'm envious. I am so excited to hear my baby's heartbeat, I cant stand it. I started my 10 weeks today nad so far today I am feeling pretty good. So I am hoping the sickness is about over. fx anyway. bchflwr- I waited to find out the gender with my son, it about killed I got so tired of yellow, its not funny. Needless to say I am going to find out this time around...Hoping for pink. I want a little girl. Hope everyone has a good day. Let us know ChattyKathy!



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