May 2010 Babies

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BAF - September 5

Elizhope, I live in Texas too! What city are you in? I'm in Tyler. Welcme TaraO!


elizhope - September 5

BAF- I live in the DFW area. My dad does business in Tyler all the time. I've only pa__sed through a couple times


TaraO - September 5

I had my first checkup at only 4 weeks, my dr sees everyone immediately and runs blood work. Then I will go back 10/1 for my 2 month appointment and will have a preliminary u/s and then at 12 the scan where they check for neural tube defects and then at 20 for anatomy. I will definitely find out what we are having again. We have 2 boys...We are hoping for a girl, but healthy is all that matters... Have a great Holiday weekend.


mommylove2 - September 5

Hello, Everyone! I'm due with our third child May 6. We just relocated to a new area, so I haven't chosen a dr. yet. Hopefully, we'll make a decision soon so I can set up prenatal care. We are already blessed with a beautiful daughter (3) and a handsome and spunky boy (1). You'd be amazed how many people asked if we were "done" having children after my son was born, since we had one of each. I just smiled and politely replied, "No, we want a housefull of children!" :) Oh, and on the subject of ultrasounds, with my previous pregnancies, I only had one ultrasound each, around the 20 wk mark; my first dr. appt was not until 12 weeks. And, I'm from the US. Every dr does things differently! :)


monkee - September 7

Hi everyone! I was part of Jan 2010 forum but i miscarried late june and now im excited to be part of May 2010 forum again! it was rough, but hopefully i don't have to go through that again! hubby and i are very worried about this pregnancy, i guess until we see baby's heart beat, we have to hold our breaths for a while =[ im going to be a first time mom and my last pregnancy i didnt get too far along so im not sure what to expect. all of you with previous pregnancies please shed light =] looking forward to sharing my symptoms and news!!


imamommy - September 8

I just found out that I am expecting our 2nd child in early May, also. I have a little boy who turned 2 in August. I am so excited about another pregnancy and child.


hiperact13 - September 8

Hey everyone- so happy I found this forum. It rea__sures me to read all of your stories. I am from Lubbock Texas and am pregnant with my 2nd baby due May 10th 2010. I am a nurse and so paranoid and was wondering about hcg levels? My first was at 4w 4d and was 4449 then 48 hours later it more than doubled to 9216. It seems to high and we have been trying for 7 months so I am certain of the dates. Could this mean bad things, good things, twins? excited to be part of this and congrats and good luck to everyone!!


elizhope - September 8

Hi everyone! How was your labor day weekend ? So Im super excited for my u/s tommorow. I hope everything still looks normal. Hiper - your numbers sound pretty perfect to me. Mine were in the 20000's during week 5.


angelmarkie - September 8

Hi all. I am six weeks today. Is anyone else NOT having any pregnancy symptoms whatsoever? It has been 8 years since my most recent pregnancy, so I don't quite remember when I started to have symptoms. I did not have morning sickness with that pregnancy, but I did with the 1st (11 years ago).


starmay - September 8

Hi everyone! Hubby and I have been trying for 3 years to get pregnant and we did our first round of IVF starting late July. Just found out last week that it worked! According to the nurse, I'm due May 10th. I'm really excited but also extremely nervous. I'm so afraid this is going to get snatched away from me. We've worked so hard to get to this point. My first hcg came back 292 on aug 31st. That's when the nurse called to confirm that I was indeed pregnant. Then had another done on 9/4. I believe those numbers were 580. Had a third done 9/6. The nurse never told me what the numbers were for that one. She said they didn't double but that they were close. Should I be concerned? I'm going in for my first ultrasound on the 14th. They said they like to do an early ultrasound to make sure it isn't ectopic. Ugh, I'm just so nervous!


HipChick - September 8

Hi ladies! Hope you don't mind if I join. I found this site during my first pregnancy and LOVED it!! I JUST found out I am pregnant with #2 as of yesterday! So this will be a late May baby. I'm 30 y.o. and we have a little girl who is 18 mo. The kiddos will be a little over two years apart. I'm so excited!!! Congrats to you all and I look forward to "speaking" with you some more. I noticed some of you feel nervous and worried during this first tri. period. That's totally normal (and, me too!). I hope we can all try and relax and just enjoy all the excitement and first visits to the doc, etc. YAY!


hiperact13 - September 9

Hip Chick- glad you are here! you are so upbeat!! Starmay- I think you are ok, #s look good and we are do on the same day! I have an ultrasound coming up the end of next week because of sharp uterus and right sided pain! look forward to hearing from you. hopefully we have healthy pregnancies!!


chappers - September 9

Hi ladies! Well, hope everyone is feeling good today! I'm full of mixed emotions...just took my oldest son to JK for this first time this morning. He seemed thrilled to be there - no separation anxiety in that one! He grabbed a toy and simply said, "Bye Mommy, Bye Daddy", and that was it. I guess that's a good thing that he is secure, but part of me wanted him to miss me just a little bit... :o) Have a great day everyone!


Neveah Mai - September 9

Hello everyone!! I hope you don't mind me joining the group! And hello again HipChick i'm so excited i get to be in this group with you! I just tested this morning and found out I am pregnant I will be 4 weeks tom. and am due May 20 2010!! i am so excited this will be my first child and i am looking forward to all the good times it will bring!! And i already have a boy and a girl name picked out!! I can't wait, I am so excited!! Congrats to all the ladies in this group I am so excited about getting to talk or write with all of you and i look forward to this amazing ride with all of you!! :) Congrats again and hello again hipchick!


HipChick - September 9

hiperact 13: Aw, thanks for the compliment! Hope this week is treating you well so far. Neveah: WELCOME!!! Oh my gosh I just read your post in the other forum and I couldn't be happier for you!! I laughed that you broke down and tested early, but I bet you're sure glad you did now, huh?!! Oh my gosh you have names picked out. Yeah, I must admit I've been thinking about names for #2 for a long time! We're kind of hoping for a boy as we have a girl already, but the idea of my kiddo being a big sister is a sweet thought too (although as my husband mentions, he'd need A LOT of guys night outs!HAH). Anyway my due date is estimated at May 17th so really we are due so close together. I made my doctor's appointment for 8 weeks prego (I guess that is pretty standard- was last time around). Can't wait even though it isn't until first week in October! Any updates from anyone? Hope everyone is doing great!


HipChick - September 9

Woops meant to say the idea of my kiddo having a younger sister is sweet, really need to read through what I write! yikes.



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