May 2010 Babies

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HipChick - September 9

Woops meant to say the idea of my kiddo having a younger sister is sweet, really need to read through what I write! yikes.


TTCbabyNo2 - September 9

Hi Everyone (hope you don't mind me joining)... Just got my definite BFP this afternoon - woohoo!! Hi HipChick and Nevah so cool we get to join the May board together. Me too, I joined these forums when I was pregnant with my first, (Hamish is nearly 15 months) and found everyone so lovely and helpful! In fact most of the girls from my last group are on here again already expecting their second and just delving in to their 2nd trimester. Really hope everything goes ok - second time I'm finding out really early on (about 2 weeks from conception). Remind me, does that make me 4 weeks pregnant?


HipChick - September 9

SOOOoo awesome TTCbabyNo2! Aw, now you're not TTC anymore!!!! And, yes, that does make you 4 weeks pregnant. I forgot about how that works myself...had to look it up previously!


BAF - September 9

Wow I love how our thread is growing!!! Congrats to all the May Mommies! Welcoms all! Blessings for a wonderful journey together. I am getting more relaxed with each day as I'll be 7wks on Saturday. I'm still having some minor cramping and sore b___bs but so far no morning sickness!! Keep us updated everyone.


starmay - September 9

hi everyone and thanks for the warm welcome! still nervously awaiting my first ultrasound. wish it would hurry up and come! i've read that that early of an ultrasound usually doesn't show much of anything. at the moment i just want it confirmed it isn't ectopic. but congrats may mommies!!! :)


Neveah Mai - September 10

Hello everyone and congrats ttcbn2!!!! i am sooo excited for you and so happy we get to go through this all 2gether!!! I already have names picked out for if its a boy or girl!!! what about you guys?? do you have names in your minds yet??? I'm so tired and getting more nautious i hope it doesnt get 2 much worse!! haha i cant wait to find out wat i am having!!! hope everyone is doing well 2day!!!


starmay - September 10

next week will be 6 weeks for me. so far i can't say i'm really experiencing many symptoms. i've noticed definitely having less energy and being tired. but no nausea yet.....not that i'm complaining. :) but i know that it's considered a good sign that things are progressing well. so is it wrong that i'm hoping to be sick soon? ha!


HipChick - September 11

Hi Gals! Hope everyone is feeling well and getting ready for the weekend. I'm still feeling great. I actually seem to have loads of energy? What?!! First time around I was SOooooo sleepy and drained all the time. Maybe it's just because it's soooo early. No nausea yet either. Starmay: When is your ultrasound? I remember from my first pregnancy that we did see a heartbeat at 8 weeks. I forget how early on it's possible see that. Neveah: Aw, sorry about the nausea. I used to suck on lemon drops and that helped me with my first pregnancy. I've thought about names, but really haven't narrowed any down. I find it's harder to pick one for a boy? I kind of like unique names (well, unique but not totally out there!). Are you sharing?? I totally understand if not. But, I promise not to steal any names! HAH! Have a nice weekend all.


mommylove2 - September 11

Anyone else out there already singing the Morning Sickness Blues??? Blah, it hit me early this time,right around the 5 week mark. It's been pretty rough today, the constant nausea. The first trimester is definitely NOT my favorite stage of pregnancy! :)


starmay - September 11

HipChick: My ultrasound is next Monday (the 14th). So I'll be 6 weeks then. :) Definitely gonna keep the lemon drops in mind if I start to feel sick. I already have both of my names ready to go! lol Well it's been over 3 years in the making so I've had lots of time to daydream and stuff! The girl's name won't come as a shock to any of my friends and family as I've had my heart set on it for so long I've become quite protective of it. But the boys name, only a few people know. With the whole IVF thing, we had two embryos transferred so I'm also anxious to find out if we'll be having multiples or not. :)


Neveah Mai - September 11

hello hello hello!! :) I have been feeling pretty good just been really tired and nautiated and i have to pee all the time!! haha I have been looking into obgyn's today and think i finally made up my mind on who i'm using... i wont actually make my 1st appointment yet because i'm only 4 weeks but its nice to have made my mind up about that... Thanks for the lemon drop advice hipchick i will keep that in mind and give it a shot at some point!! And i would love to share the names i have picked out!! Boy- David Bryan (Bryan is my brothers name so he would be named after my big brother his uncle Bryan!!) Girl- Blaine Christine-Michelle (She would be named after 4 ppl technically... My uncle Blaine...haha i like it better as a girl name...My grandmother who pa__sed away a few years back named Christina and went my Christine and my best friend of 10 years whos name is also Christina and then my best friends little sister whose middle name is michelle she is practically my little sister and will be called an aunt to my baby!) :) What are your thoughts on the names?? you will have to let me know as soon as u have names picked out i love hearing what people are going to name their children!! Well i hope everyone is doing well today!! I gotta run for now!


TaraO - September 11

Hi Girls, Hope everyone is doing well! I am just catching up on reading everyone's posts from the week. I am glad to hear everyone is feeling well. I am just a little tired even after sleeping all night! I might be a little irritable also!!! (My husband is ready to run away!!!:-) Anyway. When I first had my HcG levels I was only 4 weeks and a day. They were 160 and 390 48 hours later...They said that was great but you can't compare HcG numbers because they are so varied from woman to woman. If you look it up they can be up to 4000 in the first week, but as low as 4 and in the second week they can be as low as 150... It just matters that they are doubling. I don't go back to dr until October 1st..It feels so far away. Anyway, I ohope everyone has a great weekend.


starmay - September 11

neveah those are great names! I especially love Blaine for a girls name! My choices are for a girl: Audrey and for a boy: Elliot. I haven't a clue about middle names yet though. :)


hiperact13 - September 11

Hey everyone just now catching tired! Happy to see so far everyone is ok. Had a lot of sharp pain on right side and my Hcg was 26295at 5w 4d crazy high so they sent me for ultrasound today to rule out ectopic. The wait was about to kill me... but everything is ok the baby was in the uterus woohooo! and my dates were within a day. There was thankfully only one baby but some free fluid on the right side that looked like a sac and nearly gave me a heart attack. It could have been an unsuccessful implantation that will now reabsorb??? We could see the heart flutter already and got a rate of 107 which is normal for this early. they were surprised we got it at all. Starmay hope the early ultrasound results make you feel better. I am glad you guys are sharing names. We already have a Ryan who is 2 and a half and we like Jordan for a boy or girl as we are not going to find out the s_x. There are a couple other girl names like Sydney and Brecklynn. Hope everyone is having a good weekend....


hiperact13 - September 11

sorry for the above novel... Hipchick thanks for the lemondrop advice it is helping


KickinCowgirl - September 13

1st baby due May 10th, 2010! Hubby and I have lost 6 so we're prayin for a strong baby! But had a couple questions for ya ladies, I'm 118 lbs and haven't gained or lost anything, but I'm already showing. My mother in law is joking that we might be having twins, what's your thought?



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