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starmay - September 25

momof3, I got pregnant through IVF and had 2 embryos transferred back in, so both must have implanted. they're both in seperate sacs. I think I'm going to have to start using the belly bands. I'm not quite at the point where I need maternity pants. At least tomorrow is Friday and I can wear jeans to work. My jeans are comfy and definitely looser than the work pants. :) I'm very excited about my 2nd ultrasound next week! After that, I stop seeing my RE and move on to my ob/gyn. Not so excited about that. I really like my RE and wish he could be my regular doctor.


springmoton - September 25

I am due May 8, 2010


springmoton - September 25

I am brand new here and have no idea how to use the site yet, however , Due May 8th !


springmoton - September 25

I am showing at 8 weeks 2 days ??? How weird is that?


springmoton - September 25

Sorry about all the repeats .....did I tell you I am due May am just figureing this site out...and had no idea it would show like this, please be patient with me. Any advice?


Mari26me - September 25

Hey Ladies, it feels like only yesterday I was posting on these forums pregnant with my daughter. Now she is 13 months old and I am here again!! I am not having too many symptoms yet, my b___sts don't even hurt. With my daughter, i had so many symptoms before i tested, now I only have a bit of nausea here and there. I guess every pregnancy is different. Went to the docttor's yesterday and she told me I was due May 30th.


starmay - September 25

momof3, yeah I'm anxiously waiting for my belly bands in the mail. Had to order cause my store didn't have any. But I got a black, white and taupe. I actually had to pick a new ob. For some weird reason, when I called to schedule my first appt with my usual gyn, the receptionist said she isn't showing up for scheduling which usually means she isn't accepting new patients. It kinda ticks me off because I'm not really a new patient, newly pregnant yes, but I've been seeing her for years for regular check ups. Apparently they have to set you up as a new patient when you're newly pregnant. BS I say. But oh well, I wasn't so sure I wanted her as my ob anyway. Mari26me, I'm not really experiencing too many symptoms either. Apparently my b___bs are getting bigger and they feel different...this is according to my hubby. lol I don't make it a habit to walk around feeling them, so I guess he would know better than me. :) I've lucked out and haven't experienced any morning sickness either. I do start to feel a little sick to my stomach at night time and I really don't have much of an appet_te during the day....other than for pickles. :) I had read that when you're expecting twins sometimes the symptoms are worse. So I'm surprised. Trying not to let it worry me. Just taking things one day at a time.


TaraO - September 25

Hi girls, I have been reading everyone's posts all week. I just haven't been able to post..My phone doesn't let me go on this site, but it emails me the posts. Anyway. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I am due May 10th and I have no symptoms except exhaustion. Now the last baby my b___bs hurt so bad. I am guessing they don't hurt because they haven't gone all the way down. My lo is 9 months old now. So it hasn't been very long. Cadreamer, I am so sorry you have all of this stress right now. Keep us posted and if we can be of any support, let us know! I am showing also or at least starting too. I showed at 10 weeks last time, 8 weeks this time. I am using my belly band for my pants. I haven't lost all my baby weight so I do have some clothes that fit. I gained over 80 lbs this last pregnancy and have only lost 69lbs in 9 months. I guess that is good. I'm 31 now, so it's not so easy!!!The only exercise I get is walking and chasing after the baby!!!! I am from New Jersey...Anyone else???? I haven't been very hungry so it's hard to eat. Just tired, going to bed at like 9 pm. I teach children grade 4, and am not getting the swine flu vaccine or the regular vaccine. My girlfriend has an autistic child and had a flu shot during her pregnancy and swears against it. Maybe its not related, but she questions her decision every single day...5 years later. She had 2 other pregnancies that she did not have the flu shot for and 2 children without autism. I don't know, the flu has been around long but so have pregnant women. I'm definitely going to do my best to keep clean and keep away from sick kids and teach them to keep as clean as possible. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will talk to you soon!!!


starmay - September 27

momof3, I think you and I must have traded symptoms! lol Up until yesterday, my symptoms hadn't been too bad. Even being tired had lightened up a bit. But then yesterday, I was SO tired, and towards the evening, felt sick to my stomach. Went to the mall to pick up a belly band and as we were walking, kept feeling dizziness come and go. Glad your symptoms have given you a break though! Hubby just chuckles every time I go for the pickle jar. He's getting such a kick out of the fact that I'm being such a stereotypical pregnant woman right now. lol I am getting a kick out of the name of my ob. Don't know if anyone watches Quentin Tarentino movies but her name is Jacklyn Brown. Jackie Brown! Ha! At the risk of starting something, has anyone read anything on the debate to vaccinate or not? TaraO's autism comment reminded me. I never really thought about it until I started reading the pregnancy forums. I know I will probably have my child vaccinated but when and what still seems to be the question. Then again, I've only just begun to attempt to educate myself on this whole subject so who knows. I still have 7 months to decide. :) Wow...I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow.


RzrbckMom2b - September 28

Happy Monday morning ladies... Hope everyone had a better weekend than mine... I have a tendency to use Google to the highest degree and got too freaked out, with good merit... Saturday night, I started cramping and had a brown discharge... started freaking out and this morning the cramping continued but the brown turned to red. With a few long clots... I felt the need to go to the ER, since it's still a bit before I see my OB. The doctor on call a__sured me that I was still pregnant and it was bleeding caused from the placenta attaching to the uterine wall. He didn't do a scan... I kinda wish now that I had requested one. He did say that I have a UTI, which I've been prone to. I know they're painful... I've been trying to do my own research and find out what causes this type of bleeding, but to no avail. Anyone have any prior experience with this sort of thing? Any ideas? I'm gonna call my OB and see if there is any way I can get an earlier appt just for some peace of mind.


chappers - September 28

Hi ladies, Starmay, my first son is fully vaccinated, but my second son only had shots at 2, 4, and 6 months. He had reactions to all of them. Then, somewhere between 2 and 4 months he was diagnosed with severe acid reflux. I had done lots of reading about leaky gut syndrome, autism and the controversy of the measles component of the MMR shot turning viral in the tummy and traveling up to the brain to cause autism that I didn't want to take a chance. Funnily enough, my friend had a son with the acid reflux, and she vaccinated him, and guess what? now he has been diagnosed with autism. It's too coincidental and I'm glad I waited! I'm not sure what I'll do with this baby. If it's a girl I'll likely vaccinate...maybe if it's a healthy boy. At the very least I'll be selective about what shots they get. It's too scary!!!!! Anyone else with an opinion?


TaraO - September 28

That whole thing about autism scares the heck out of me. I vaccinated my kids but not against the flu and swine flu. and definitely won't after reading the articles I've read and watching the videos on you tube. Anyway. Hope everyone has a good week had my first scan today. Saw the heartbeat...Everything looks great so far!!!! Have a good week


Shannon85 - September 29

Hi everyone I have posted once earlier but I have been reading everyones post and hope everyone is doing great. so far so good for me im due May 24th im not to sick yet but with my daughter who is now 20 months old i didnt get sick until 7 weeks or so and it was severe. so we will see. so far my numbers were good and i have an ultrasound on monday i will be 7 weeks and i hope to see a heart beat but im still very nervous even tho so far i dont have much reason to be anyone else feel the same?


BAF - September 30

Hi May Mommies. So glad to hear our thread continues to grow! And 2 sets of twins so far is so exciting. As for me, the cramping has stopped and nauseau seems to be getting better. It's just every once in a while now instead of every afternoon. I'll be 10 weeks on Saturday and counting the days until my OB appt on Oct 22nd. I am definitely pooching out a little. Guess that's normal? Can't believe in 3 weeks, I'll be ready for the 2nd trimester. Man how time flies. My DS pointed at my belly yesterday and said Baby. My heart just melted. Blessings to all!


momof3plus2 - September 30

RzrbckMom2b- I am shocked the doctor did not do an ultrasound. Brown discharge is somewhat normal, but red blood and clots are not. Everything may be fine- but you definently should have had an ultrasound. I've had a miscarriage before, and that's when I've had clots. As far as the UTI, I've had tons, and while they are uncomfortable, they aren't like menstral cramps. That being said, every pregnancy is different, and every woman is different, and this might be perfectly normal for your body to do, but I would totally call your OB and get in for an exam, if nothing else than to ease your mind. You'll be in my prayers. Shannon85- I've had 2 ultrasounds already, and I still stress about it. It's perfectly normal! BAF- Wow- the 2nd trimester is really close! Glad you are feeling better! That is so cute your DS did that! My older 2 girls talk about the twins and argue about whether its 2 girls or 2 boys, or one of each. So cute when our babies get involved with our pregnancies! So my nausea is still mostly gone, but the exhaustion is EXTREME! I went to bed last night at 8:30 pm and got up this afternoon at 1:30 pm.... (my dh was very sweet to take care of the kids so I could do this.) But when I finally got up, I'm still compeletely exhauseted. I really hope it eases up soon- my house is a diaster, and my family is tired of eating pizza and sandwiches! Hope everyone is doing well- we should have some ladies getting ultrasounds soon- let us know!


fjamil1 - September 30

hello everybody. i had an appt yeaterday and finally got to see the little baby. it was soo good to see th heartbeat and the baby growing. Good luck to all.



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