May 2010 Babies

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fjamil1 - September 30

hello everybody. i had an appt yeaterday and finally got to see the little baby. it was soo good to see th heartbeat and the baby growing. Good luck to all.


LoriAnn12 - October 1

Just found out expecting 1st child, end of May 2010 for us :-) Keeping silent for several more weeks.


cadreamer - October 1

Well...not good news for me. My HCG levels started level off and not double in 48 hours, not even in 96 hours. Had the last ultrasound on Monday the 28th and nothing had changed. Diagnosed with a blighted ovum and had a D & C on Tuesday. I wanted to wish you all luck and happiness in the fantastic journey you are on. Love to you all.


hiperact13 - October 1

cadreamer- I am so sorry to hear your news I hope you are holding up physically and emotionally. momof3plus2 my fatigue is also extreme hope it gets better for us soon!!! I will work the night shift from 6:30pm till 7:30am and sleep 8 hours that day then be ready to go to bed with my family at night and sleep another 10 hours still feeling exhausted when I get up!!uuurggghh so ready for my energy to return AND the throwing up to stop I dry heave every morning or even if i eat crackers i throw them up.. the Zofran is not working as well this pregnancy!! praying that the second trimester will give me some relief. My hcg is super high and i think it might be to blame for the exaggerated symptoms... have a great end of the week everybody!!!


BAF - October 1

Cadreamer, So sorry to hear your news. Take care of yourself & may God bless you and your family. Hope to see you back on here very soon!


Mari26me - October 1

cadreamer - I am so sorry, please take care. My thoughts are with you. Well all my pregnancy syptoms have shown up now. Extreme fatigue, morning sickness 24/7, bad heartburn. This is just like when I was pregnant with my daughter. Oh well... I have my 1st prenatal appt tomorrow, mostly to fill out paperwork and refer me to an OB. Congrats LoriAnn, I am due at the end of May too. :)


redcub - October 6

Hi, I thought I'd join - the calculators tell me I'm due May 31st so only just made it into this thread. It'll be my first baby - I'm really nervous as we've been trying for a while and haven't had the scan yet but really hoping I'm pregnant (had 2 positive ClearBlue tests)


Shannon85 - October 6

Im so sorry cadreamer best of luck in the future!!! Hope everyone is doing well i had my ultrasound yesterday i saw the baby and heart beat was 125bpm have been told that is normal i cant remember what it was exactly with my daughter but i was 7 weeks exactly yesterday i dont see my doctor till late next week but im sure if anything was wrong they would call me sooner i feel so much relief seeing that heartbeat feels so much more real :)


cadreamer - October 6

Congrats Shannon, I'm happy for you. Yes, hopefully next time will work out.


bailey1734 - October 7

Today was my first OB visit at 6 weeks 5 days. We were able to have a v____al u/s and saw our little "jellybean" and it's heartbeat. How amazing. This is our second baby. We have a little girl, Bailey who is 20 months old. I would love to meet future May 2010 mom's! Congrats to everyone!


Shannon85 - October 8

Congrats Bailey I am due may 24 2010 and i also have a 20 month old daughter named Mila I hope everyone is doing well today my morning sickness is the worst its been yet hopefully it wont get much worse like with my daughter i could barely move i was so sick.


bailey1734 - October 8

Actually Bailey is my daughters first name :) My name is Bonnie, but it's great to talk with you Shannon. This pregnancy has already started out so much different than my first one. I have nausea all through the day and my b___sts are so sore. With my last one my b___sts never changed or hurt...nothing. How cool is it that you have a 20 month old little girl too!


Shannon85 - October 9

I read that you said your Daughters name was Bailey I just didnt know what to call you :) this pregnancy is a bit different than my first too I had extreme nausea with my daughter but this time it comes and goes yesterday it hit me hard today slight nausea but not to bad and my b___sts barely hurt and dont feel much bigger this time so I guess we are the opposite in our symptoms. When is your due date?


bailey1734 - October 9

My due date is May 27. This pregnancy for me is 100% different. My dr called in a Rx for Zofran for me for the nausea and it's helping. Also I will be 35 when baby #2 arrives so he recommends me having an amniocentesis. That's a lot to take in. We will have the procedure, but it's just scary. With baby #1 my b___sts never changed or were sore. Have you noticed with baby #2 you are showing a lot quicker?


Shannon85 - October 9

so your just a few days behind me.When I was pregnant with my first they gave me a perscription for diclectin im in canada so thats what they usually give us here for nausea. It is scary having a procedure like that but im sure it will be fine. I wont be having anything like that unless the unexpected arises but im only 24. I notice that my belly is getting a bit bigger i dont know if from my bloating or what but alot faster than last time thats for sure. are you also showing quicker?


bailey1734 - October 10

I do notice my pants and jeans are a little snug on the waist so I guess it's true you start to show quicker with the second time around. Yea there shouldn't be a need for you to have an amniocentesis since you are under 35. Be glad for it. I am nervous about the procedure. It just sounds scary reading about it online and in books. I haven't had an nausea since my dr. prescribed me some pre-natal vitamins. Yea for me. Thank goodness.



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