Maybe A Stupid Question But Wondering

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erin25 - March 9

Ok so I love to eat vegtebles but lately I don't really like them by themselves so I went to subway. I got a footlong veggie delight (6" for lunch and 6" for dinner). Anyways, my quesion is.......if I get lettuce, cheese, tomatoe, pickles, jelapeno peppers, green peppers, cuc_mbers and onions on this sandwich....does this cover my daily intake of vegtebles?? it was also on wheat bread.


BeccaC - March 9

Sounds like you are really eating well. You should also be on prenatal vitamins as a supplement. When I had morning sickness, I could not even look at vegetables or a salad and everytime I attempted to eat them, I couldn't hold them down. I could eat carbs and fruit no problem, but felt really guilty not eating veggies. Now, I am back to salads and greens. I think as long as your are aware of what you are putting in your body, you should be fine. Good luck.


Pipa - March 10

Make sure you don't neglect your protein. Other than that, it sounds good! I wish I could get my veggies in as well as you are, I've just lost my taste for them!


heather28 - March 10

I wish I could eat anything other than bland foods. I was able to hold down a turkey, ham and provolone sandwich that I got from Jersey Mike's last week. I just had them microwave it to kill any bacteria. (I had oil and vinegar and pickles on it) Nothing sounds appealing to me. About a week and a half ago I had plain cheddar cheese and it came right back. The nurse was like your eating the wrong things stick to crackers and pretzels. How am I supposed to get nutrition from that? I'm 10 weeks at some point my baby is going to need more than that, right?


Jbentley - March 10

Erin Im totally with you on the subway thing. I've been craving anything tangy. Strangly enough when my stomach is upside down the only thing that sounds good to me is a veggie sandwich with exrtra mustard, pickels, jalapenos, onions, pepperchinis, lettuce, tomatoe with some pepperjack cheese does the trick for me. Your totally getting in some nutritious intake. Dairy, veggies and bread. Plus your getting protien from the cheese. A pre -packaged square slice of cheese has 5 grams of protien. Im also craving anything I can saturate A1 sauce with.


jessicaspatherapist - March 10

that sandwich would definitely have sufficient protein. although i think you might still need to eat some more fruit of veggies for another meal in order to fullfill that requirement completely (lettuce doesn't have very many nutrients in it). i am a vegetarian myself so i am very aware of how much protein is in bread, cheese and even veggies. overall as americans we consume WAYYYYYY too much meat and as long as you eat some beans, dark veggies, and cheese you will be very healthy! now you got me craving a veggie


erin25 - March 10

I was a little worried on what I was eating but it sounds like a few of you are craving some veggies too!! I take a prenatal vitamin everyday so I hope that helps too. I could eat a veggie sub almost everyday but it's I am craving a veggie sub and a salad from BWW with "hot" chicken strips on top.......I want both...hehe!!!'ll have to get a veggie sub....they are so delicious!!!



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