Meds And Baby

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~*Nikki*~ - November 18

Hi all, me an my husban are wanting to have a baby...and I belive I am preg. or at least hope I am =) OK..I have been sick for the past couple of days..last night I had a temp of 102 and I have also had REALLY bad haedahcs and spells of being dizzy, i took a antibiotic and sudafed. but i was readin the back and it said not 2 take if u might be pregnant. well it said to ask a doctor...IF I am preg could it hurt the baby? will me being sick have any effect on the baby?I dont know how i got sick...i never get any cold or anything like that. I have a high amoune(dont know how 2 spell it..Sorry)so i donno how i ahve gotten sick....could it baby usin my nutrince?I kno a headaches is one of the sings of being pregnant and i have heard dizzness is also..I am not supot 2 get my period 2 the 30th or later...when will I ba able 2 take a test? THANKS!!!! =)


Ash - November 18

Hi Nikki, I am 6wks. and I found out at 4 wks. When I found out I had a nasty little cold, My mother in law said her head got all stuffed up with both of her kids and stayed that way for all 9 mo. Anyway my cold is gone now but I did ask my dr. and he said its ok to take sudafed(4hr, not the 12hr.) or Tylenol-regular strength if you absolutely HAVE to take something those 2 things are the only you can take-thats what my doc said. Good Luck!


Deb - November 21

If you aren't supposed to get your period until the 30th or later, than if your egg was fertilized, it wouldn't have implanted yet, and you shouldn't be getting pregnancy symptoms yet. It takes a fertilized egg 6 - 12 days to implant in the uterus and then it takes 3 - 4 days to build up enough hormone to be detected by a home pregnancy test. It is the hormone that causes you to have symptoms. If the egg hasn't implanted yet, the drugs won't harm it. If you are ttc, then you should stop taking all drugs and medications as most are harmful to the baby. You can visit the site for information on all drugs during pregnancy.



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