Menstration During Pregnancy

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jldaniels - March 15

Okay here is the deal... I took a Clerblue Easy digital pregnancy test on Monday March 6th and it came out positive then on Monday March 13th(now 1 1/2 weeks late) I started spotting and then bleeding. I went to the doctor and when she took a urine sample it came up negative and she said I'm probably just having a late period and never was pregnant (said home test could have been defective) but she wanted to do a blood test just to be sure. Yesterday when I got home from work I had a message on my machine from my doctor saying that the blood test came back positive but with low htg (whatever its called) levels and I was probably just experiencing implantation bleeding however by this time I'm bleeding pretty heavy like I would on my period and not having any cramps except like I would on a period. I called and spoke with the nurse and told her what was going on but also told her if my doctor okayed it I would like to wait until the bleeding stops and go from there. My reason for this is because I had a D&C back in November for a blighted ovum and the doctors appointments about killed me. If I'm going to miscarry I would rather do it on my own rather than scar up my uterus again. Is it possible to have a period during the first trimester other than just spotting? I would like an honest answer as I am not getting my hopes up at this point so it won't matter. Also, has anyone else experienced anything like this?


YorkieLover - March 16

You can def. have your period in the first trimester. I am 7w4d and I'm on my period. It's my 4th day and it's just as heavy as my regular period. I had an u/s on Tuesday and everything is fine. I was told that it's normal for ladies to have their periods in the first couple of months. Hope this helps.


jldaniels - March 16

Well, The bleeding has slowed down a little now but I don't know if I'm still pregnant or not. Quit honestly I'm not having too many symptoms now but it could be in my head because I'm so worried. I don't want to rush to the doctor. I thought I would wait until after the bleeding stops completly and then take another pregnancy test. What do you think I should do? I know I said I'm not getting my hopes up but in a way I'm afraid to know the truth.


YorkieLover - March 17

Right before I started my period I lost all of my symptoms. I mean it was very abrupt. So, I'm not sure what to tell you. It's up to you if you wanna wait till it stops. I know the waiting part is very agonizing.


jldaniels - March 17

I think I'm about done. I didn't have anything on my pad this morning and I've been up for 3 hours and have only been wearing a panty protector. My husband is not being very supportive of my weird emotions right now but I guess men show their feelings in different ways. I look at it as him being uncaring but he may be just as worried as me and not want to show it especially since he was real excited last time and it didn't work out. I still don't have many symptoms as far as morning sickness goes and my b___st don't seem as full but i've still been extremly tired and wore out all the time and I don't know if this is any kind of a sign but I've had indigestion three mornings in a row. I can't quit burping (TMI). And then again I could just be looking for signs to ease my doubts. Also, I am a very skinny person and usually when I get over a period my belly goes completly flat and I still have a little pouch. I don't know what to think. Your right though, the waiting is not easy. I know I can't go to the doctor today because I'm the only one in our office at work today but I may have to break down and go Monday. I think what bothers mr the most is the fact that I didn't have enough of the hormone in me to pa__s the urine test at the doctor and I've read that women who have lower amounts of that hormone have a higher chance of having a miscarriage and even when my doctor determined I was pregnant from my blood test she still said I had very low amounts of it. Anyway, Thank You for your comments and I'll keep you informed of what happens either way.


YorkieLover - March 17

I really hope everything goes well for you. As for your dh, I'm sure he's probably even more worried than you are but doesn't want to alarm you even more. Please, do keep me informed. I wish you the best of luck!



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