Methamphetamine Use And Pregnancy

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cate - November 15

i started using methamphetamines again about two weeks before i found out i was pregnant.i havent touched them since but i am concerned about the effects on my baby


E - November 18

Contact OTIS and they will give you the most updated scientific information about what you are asking. ----- (866) 626-OTIS


jo - November 25

Mate...Kick the meth if you want a healthy child. There is no known vulnerable peroid in pregnancy as meth can cause significant damage throughout foetal development. Meth is more damaging than alcohol and there isn't enought known about it yet.


Annie - November 28

If you want to be a good parent from the get go stop the drugs NOW. And once your baby is here, if you crave drugs more than you care about taking care of your child, make the right choice and give her to a good home.


Debra - November 29

My best advise is to be honest with your doctor about your drug use. Your doctor is there to help you and your unborn baby and not to judge you. Best of luck and may God bless you.


Em - December 2

Hi Cate, Good on you for giving up. Generally usage within the first few weeks isn't going to harm your unborn baby BUT this is just a general statement and doesn't apply to everyone. It is also dependant upon frequency and quant_ty. And to everyone else - she doesn't need to be judged - she needs rea__surance and advice which I am sure is something we have all needed at some stage.


miriam - December 4

deat cate, i unfortunately was in a bad time in my life when i found i was prefnant with my first one. 4 weeks along i was using meth then found out i was pregnant. My daughter is just fine because I stopped and didnt do anything like that anymore. No smoking anything, and no drinking, no snortine etc. stop now. I just wanted to rea__sure you that I am sure your fetus will be okay.


kelly - December 9

i as well used. ans stopped but then did it again in my eighth month once and im hoping my baby will be ok. i feel so bad for doing it but the bad people in my life talked me into it now i hate myself. And am very worried about my baby as well.


cate - January 5

thanks for everyones input i found out i was preg on november 12 and it is now january 5 and i am not using the doctor says everything looks good up to this point. kelly i would really like to know how you are doing thanks again


Crazey_Diana - August 18

I used meth very heavy. I also helped in the making process at least 3-5 times a week. I did not wear the right protection. I found out I was pregnet at 5 weeks. That is 5 weeks to late. I am now 9 weeks. I hope my baby will be o.k. i have stoped using by my exposer to chemicals would make me sick a lot of times. My body ache. I can only wonder if my baby felt the same. Let me know how your pregnancy goes.


Leanna - September 13

talk to your doctor, asap-good luck



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