Midwife Couldn T Hear Heartbeat At 11 Weeks 5 Days

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Peachtree - February 22

Hello everyone! I had my 2nd prenatal appointment this morning with my midwife. I was really excited about hearing the baby's heartbeat, but when she tried to find it, she couldn't. She said not to be upset if she couldn't hear it, because typically she couldn't until 12 weeks, and since I'm only 11 weeks and 5 days she might not be able to get it. Everything else checked out ok, but I'm still concerned and disappointed that she couldn't get it. Has anyone else had their doctor or midwife find the hb at 11.5 weeks?


Kime - February 22

My midwife found mine at 9 weeks. She told me that she was probably not going to be able to hear it, but when she put the doppler on my belly she could hear my litlle girl. Now it's pretty much impossible not to hear or see her in my belly b/c im 5 months now. But it could just be that the doppler wasn't in the right spot b/c the first time she tried to hear the hb she couldn't find it, but she pushed harder in my stomach right above my pelvis and boom there it was. If everything else checked out ok i would'nt worry too much about it. Hope all goes well. Did they give you a sono?


Mommy1 - February 22

I was at my doctor's office on Friday and I was 18w exactly...she could not find the heartbeat! I was devistated thinking there was something wrong with my baby. Thank goodness I started feeling the baby move the next day - and alot since then! I honeslty wouldn't worry about it. Things will be just fine...


Bellas Mom - February 22

Aww Peachtree, I'm sorry. But relax, I'm sure all is well, with my 1st I did not hear until 12 weeks or more.... You should be right on track... it all depends how patient your doc or midwife is and if they really try hard, different places on your abdomen AND holding the probe in many different angles... It's only normal to hear in a few more weeks.... Mommy1, that's crazy that they didn't find it at 18w.... I would go nuts!!! Peachtree, it just sucks that you hve to wait until your next appt, urgh!!! Hang in there


Peachtree - February 22

Thanks everyone. Sienna- good thing I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, or I think I'd be going crazy about it. I'm sure they'll pick it up on the ultrasound (they did at 7.5 weeks, so I'd think they would now!) It is disappointing though to go for your appointment after waiting for so long and getting your hopes up that they'll hear it that day. The time is going to go by very slowly until next week.



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