Might Be A Weird Question

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tk07 - February 18

h__lo! i am almost 9 weeks and i have been getting these sharp pains in my upper va___al area.... has anyone else had this? it isn't all day or anything. can this be stretching and i just feel it there or should i call the Dr because it might be something else??


jen327 - February 18

Yes, I had the same thing. My DR said it was a ligament stretching and not to worry. I am a bit overweight and she said that was why it was bothering me so much and as I get bigger I might need a support brace for my belly. But no need to worry at all.


tk07 - February 18

well that is good to know! I am not overweight at all but i figured it was probably just stretching. i was worried it could be something else causing it like a weird infection that had no other signs!


Cathy2 - February 18

I will be 9 weeks on Tuesday and this weekend I have been having so many sharp pains...some feel like they are shooting from my belly b___ton down through my v____a...some feel crampy...its really worrisome, but all the advice I hae received has been that if there is no bleeding, don't worry it's problably jstu the uterus stretching out and muscle spasming a bit : ) Good to know other people are feeling these pains too!


tk07 - February 18

i will be 9 weeks on tuesday also! that is so funny! is your edd 9/25? i have had those shooting ones also from abdomen into groin area and a girl i work with that has had a bay said she got those so that made me feel better! i have had a m/c before and it started with red spotting then actually bleeding, so no blood is a good sign!


Amandalynn - February 24

I am 9 weeks and 4days. My due date is 9/25/07 too! I have had the same sharp pains. I asked the doc the other day if they meant something was wrong and she said no. She said there is a muscle that is attached to the top of your uterus that is being strtched and pulled as your uterus gets bigger. I was relieved, but boy do those nagging pains hurt!


gaudior - February 24

I've been getting these v____al pains too! I've been nervous about it since my first m/c started with cervical cramping. Although this feels slightly different, any pain in that area is enough to make me worry. Combined with the fact that my morning sickness getting a little better (or maybe I'm just getting used to it?) I even had a stress nightmare last night about an emergency room doctor telling me I was going to miscarry... without even examining me. I was chasing him down a crowded hallway shouting "You didn't even try to find the heartbeat. You didn't even examine my cervix." Embarra__sing. I'm due on Sept 26th... which happens to be a full moon! I've only had one of those shooting pains from the navel downwards, but it was during a very important project at work with two GUYS and for a minute I thought I was going to have to tell them "I've got to go to the doctor" and run out of the building. Fortunately it went away, and now I know it's a normal thing.



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