Might Be Having Twins

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Pilar - February 15

I went to get a vig. sonogram and they saw two sacks. One had a heart beat but the other sack didn't. I'm going back on Monday to see if they can find another heartbeat. I'm a early 5 weeks. Has this happen to any one?!


stingfan - February 15

Has not happened to me but congrats on your pregnancy and hope they find the other heartbeat!


Stephanie - February 18

Never happened to me but sounds really neat. Good Luck!!!


jessy - February 19

pilar, what was your beta? we used ivf and implanted 3 eggs. my beta started low, but has since quadrupled. my first us is on wednesday. we're hoping for twins... i'll let you know.


PP - February 19

I found out about this pregnancy because of a similar situation. If you concieved natrually like I did you could have twins that are gestationally not the same age. I did and I found out when I miscarried one of them. It was a very early miscarriage but now I am having a very healthy pregnancy. I am 18 weeks and a few days.


Shawn - February 21

I just found the same thing out when I went for an ultrasound at 6 weeks but the doc on saw one sac then he called me and home and told me to come back a week later cause he found another sac with no baby, so I'll find out for sure next week it's weird to me how can sac's be different ages and also is it possible one sac can belong to different guys?


Kristin - February 22

Um, hasn't happened to me yet... But my doc is checking for twins on the 7th because he says Im big for my gestation or something like that... I conceived naturally... (lol I'm only 17, married, & now pregnant... with two maybe??)


miranda - March 1

im only 16


Shawn - March 2

The went for the other u/s the other sac was a vanishing twin so it's only one now


shannan - May 13

YES! This just happened yesterday,and I go back in 2 weeks. It was a good nurse prat_tioner,but the doctor was not there to confirm anything. Please let us know what happens at your next apt. It is our 4th pregnancy or 4th child if it is only one.


shannan - May 14

pilar or anyone who has answers for me. Two days ago i had a vag. ultra. NP saw 2 sacs. we finally found a heartbeat in one of them. i go back in 11/2 weeks. i'm less than we thought. baby looks like 6 weeks.please give your feedback on your experiances. thanks.



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