Migraines Please Help

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evae777 - October 11

I am only 6 wks but have terrible migraines, i have an 8 mth old to care for and it is really hard. the migraines are paralyzing not to say i think it magnifies the nausea. tyelnol doesnt work either. does anyone know what to do? it is so miserable to not function...


Teddyfinch - October 11

you need to call your doctor. i have gotten migraines with my pregnancy and my doc said as long as you can manage the pain, you're fine. but if you aren't able to, you need to let them know and they can find a way to treat them. what i do is i take tylenol as soon as i see the lights forming (yay i'm lucky and get the lights) and then drink a regular coke or something with caffeine in it. nothing like energy drinks. just a normal coke or pepsi or dr. pepper. and that can help keep it from getting too bad. but if those don't work, then don't take meds like migraine meds, just call your doctor.


Sweetpea08 - October 19

I've been dealing with migraines for most of my life. I usually get the really bad ones a few days a week. I try to drink a Pepsi (or 2) to take the edge off. Tylenol doesn't work at all for me either. I'm concerned now though because I believe I am pregnant. I've been doing a lot of reading lately about caffeine intake during pregnancy, and "they" say to cut back. I have been trying to not take any otc meds containing caffeine just in case. I still drink about a Pepsi a day though, and I'm not sure for how much longer I will because I almost got sick drinking the last one...maybe a food/drink aversion? I'll be going to the Dr this coming week, and I'll ask her about handling these migraines. I'll let you know what I find out.


vanessaurias89 - October 25

know how you feel, I suffer with migraines on a daily basis due to a head trauma. and now im pregnant, the best thing that I can say is when you get up, get up slowly, dont try to rush up or anything because getting up too quickly can cause migraines...make sure your drinking tons of water. I know its annoying to hear, but I have to deal with it too.Like some people have mentioned below is that they take meds or tylenol when they start seeing lights..what my doctor told me is that, thats when its too late, soon as you even feel like your getting a headache pop one and drink the water...let me know how its going. Try to get much sleep as possible. I don tknow if I have helped at all, but I suffer with chronic migraines every day...



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