Mild Bleeding But My HCG Lvls Are Going Up

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Lisatr - November 26

I am approx. 5-6 weeks pregnant and on the 22nd of Nov 2005 i went to the toilet and found when I wiped there was pink on the paper ( I had a miscarriage last year in October) so I went straight to emergency department here in Australia they took some blood to do a HCG test and it was at 783.4 they then tried to do a ultrasound but my bladder wasnt full enough to show any thing up.... I then had to come back in 48 hours I tried resting up over the next few hours and did find the bleeding had stopped... on the 24th I went back and my HCG was up to 1120 which was good the doctor said I could go home , before I left i went to the toilet and noticed red blood on my pad ( was more than just spotting) He did a internal and noticed blood trickling from my cervix but no clots he sent me home and said to come back in another 48 hours..... Well today on the 26th I went back and the doctor again did my HCG lvls they were again up to 1579 , He fealt the pregnancy is about 6 and a half weeks and wants me to do a ultrasound on Tuesday a va___al ultrasound which he said should show things up more. So are my HCG lvls doing ok or are they low for the weeks im at.... also Im still having morning sickness but all times of the day my br___ts are really sore........ and I have a niggling pains they are rather dull on my sides as if I need to go to the toilet also I have slight back pain, At the moment im taking folic acid and Coloxyl 50 a stool softener I am sure sure how long they take to work. Any help would be appriciated I am rather worried I Had a miscarriage in 2004 and this is like a nightmare happening all over again...


mellissa - November 26

i am going through the same thing. i had a m/c in april of this year. i am 6 weeks 1 day pregnant now and i have been having brown spotting since my period was due (the 11th). i did an hcg test on monday and my levels were around 2000 wed they were 5790. it's hard to say what's low for hcg levels because the range is so wide. here is a website i went to and found out a little info. i am spotting a little heavier now and am getting worried despite my levels rising. i have an u/s monday so hopefully things will be okay. i hope things work out for you!!


Jen - November 26

I too am goign through the same thing. I have been on and off spotting since I ofund out I was pregnat. Sometimes red sometimes borwn. I miscarried this past August, so I have been goign in to get my levels checked every other day. Dr. says levels look great despite the spotting. I am still very nervous, u/s next Thursday. Keep me posted as to what happens with you guys.


Lisatr - November 29

I went and had the ultrasound today and they saw a sac in the uterus but no foestal pole or yolk sac , they think it could be too early to tell at the moment. The did find a 5.2cm corpus luteal cyst on my left ovary which they want to keep a watch on so I guess i gotta keep waiting and see what happens.... Im not sure if its usual to see the sac but nothing else guess it will keep me wondering.....


mellissa - November 29

i had an ultrasound yesterday and we were able to see the baby and see and hear the heartbeat. lisatr, it's possible that you are not as far along as the dr. thinks. also, when i had my m/c my dr told me that sometimes you can't see the fetal pole or yolk sac that early, but you can tell if it's a viable pregnancy by the shape of the sac. rather than being like a circle mine was long and squiggly. did you get to see the u/s? i hope things work out for you, i'm sure they will. jen, i was worried too, but things seem to be fine. if your levels are going up, that's a really good sign. let me know how things turn out for ya'll!


jen - November 29

Thanks Melissa, I am glad things are going o.k. I will keep you posted as to my results on Thursday.



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