Milestones To Come

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squirrely4 - October 29

I just had a question. i just found out that i am 7 weeks along and wanted to know when i would be able to get my first ultra sound, hear the heart beat, find out the gender, and so forth...


CourtneyHope - October 29

We had our first u/s at 7 1/2 weeks because we had trouble conceiving. At that time we saw the heartbeat. At my 12 week appt, they couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler, which is normal. At my 16 week checkup, they found the heartbeat with the doppler and it was so cute!!! My next appt is Friday, which is my 20 week scan. Then they will check for abnormalities in the bones, measure everything, and check for gender. Some people get this a lot sooner. You can also choose to do a genetic screening around 13-16 weeks to check for genetic abnormalities. We chose not to do this as there are no black and white answers. It is all possibilities, plus it wouldn't change how we felt. Congrats, and good luck! Hope this helped!


squirrely4 - October 29

That helped alot. thank you so much. i am just so excited to be able to see/hear the heartbeat and also find out what i'm having...


IAmPrego - October 31

I got my pregancy test back on the 13th of October and according to that I was 6-8 weeks. My first appt with my midwife was yesterday, and she said according to my LMP I was probably around 9 weeks, and they didn't even do an exam or an ultrasound or anything. I was kind of disappointed about that, but apparently it was more of a consultation... My next appt is Nov 12, so they'll do a full exam then and I'm hoping I'll get to hear the heartbeat then. I want a picture!!! We're also not doing any extra genetic testing. It won't change the outcome... Apparently the gender can usually be determined as early as the 16th week, but I think most places do it more around the 20th. And of course that's not even 100% since things can hide! LOL Congrats!


Nikki_1 - November 4

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I had my first ultrasound at 9 weeks and got to see the heart beat.. and then today I am 12 weeks and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time.. it took the Dr. a lil while to find it bc it is still so tiny but I did hear it... I have an appointment set up to get a 4d ultrasound.. with that they can try to find out the gender at 17 weeks.. it might be somethin you wanna look into.. CONGRATS!



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