Miscarriage Yes Or No

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parkermegan - February 1

I got pregnant about 6 weeks ago. Last Saturday, 1-28-06, I woke up with some blood when I wiped (very light) and some light cramping. I went to the ER and they told me I was having a Inevitable Miscarriage. I was devastated. I had already scheduled my first appt. for the following Monday before this happened, so the ER doctor told me to follow up with my doctor. At my appt. she did a regular ultrasound and I got to see the sack. She told me there was too much fluid around the sack and that it wasn't normal. She also told me that my blook work that they had done at the hospital showed that my hormone levels were only 850 and they should have been 5500. So she told me I would have a heavy period and miscarry. It has been 3 days since then and still barely any cramping and extremely light bleeding. Had anyone went through this and everything still end up being OK with the pregnancy. I know this might be a long shot, but I feel fine and I am just praying they were wrong and everything will be fine! Anyone have any advice or comments.....I really would love to hear them!!!!! Please!!!!!


katt76 - February 1

parkermegan. Let me tell you thi i am seven weeks along I am bleeding heavy like a period and I have seen my baby two times and the baby is growing and doing fine. I never even heard of fluid around the sac?? Maybe some subchorionic bledding but that rarely has a neagtive effect on baby, may cause some spotting but it will go away. Make sure you wait at least eight to ten weeks, keep getting your levels checked your time of conception might be off. Don't make any hasty decisions and if need be seek a second opion! Anything is possible. I have three sacs two empty and one with baby, I am bleeding heavy and my baby is still fighting! With a strong heartbeat I might ADD!! So good luck and keep us posted. i am katt76, and I posted the fall mommies thread come join us, i t is for all to share!


parkermegan - February 1

Well, the doctor told me the baby is not growing.......so that is why I am thinking they must be right. This is my first pregnancy and I just don't know what to do. And my hormone level was only 850 isnt that way too low to be 6 weeks!!


Been There - February 2

Yes, Parkermegan, it sounds like a m/c to me. I had to keep getting blood drawn to watch the HCG go down. This was to ensure the body had flushed things completely out. I'm so sorry to hear that you are gong through this. But this isn't the end for you. I was totally devasted this past Sept. I gave up trying. Just when I was finally able to look at a pregnant woman again without falling apart, to my surprise, I was pregnant again. Here I am, 14 weeks this Saturday. Don't give up. A lot of us have been though it and though you never forget about that child, it will be easier to deal with one day.


nikki_j - February 2

I'll be glad to have this question answered for me too - miscarriage... yes or no? According to my dates, I should be 7 wks 1 day today. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, 1/31 because I had some spotting over the weekend and had a v____al u/s in which there was no sac, no heartbeat, nothing. At that time, I should've been 6 wks 6 days which means something should've showed up. I was sooooo upset. My doctor told me that I would probably miscarry and I would start bleeding in a few days. Well I started bleeding that day and it has not stopped. I've also had cramping off and on, sometimes pretty bad. I had bloodwork done to check my hcg levels and it came back 1853. I went back today (Thursday) for more bloodwork to see if the numbers would go up or down. I expected them to go down since I figured the bleeding and cramping meant that my body was going through the process of miscarriage (which is absolutely devastating). However, the number went up to 2494. Now there's concern because the level went up instead of down, but at the same time, did not double as it should have if this was a healthy pregnancy. I am confused, frustrated, and scared all at the same time. I wish I could be excited, but I just don't know what is going on. I've gone over scenario after scenario in my mind until I just can't think about this anymore. I go back on Tuesday for another v____al ultrasound and if there is still nothing, I'll be sent to a radiologist for confirmation of a complete miscarriage. But I still don't understand why my hcg levels are slowly increasing. Help!!!!!! I feel like I'm losing my mind! I've prepared myself for the worse, but do you think there is a need to have any little hope in my situation?


parkermegan - February 2

Well, does this sound normal??? I went to the ER like I said and they told me I was miscarrying. I went to my doctor on Monday and she did the ultrasound (just a stomach one) and told me to go home and I should start bleeding soon. I haven't yet and it is almost Friday. I have just had light spotting/bleeding and minor cramps. I called my doctor and she just said to give it a few weeks. Is it normal for your doctor not to check your hormone levels and make sure they are going down normally?? Or not want you to come in in a week or so and see how things are going?? You know just make sure that the miscarriage is progressing normally?? I dont understand what is going on. In the ultrasound all we could see was a very tiny sac about the size of a piece of rice. Is that normal?? Anyway help!!!!!!!!


katt76 - February 2

ok first of all they should be giving you a transv____al ultrasound to see anything clear at this point. And yes they should give you another ultrasound next week and check your levels again. Maybe you should seek a second opion/ Six weeks is so early for them to make all these predictions, your conception date could be wrong. And the bleeding is normal. I am bleeding heavy and my baby is fine. Seek a second opion. Your doc's don't sound very reliable


VijiKishore - February 3

Hi Parkermegan, Very sorry about what you are going through... I have read that it takes upto 2 weeks for the miscarriage to happen after the baby stops growing. Hope everything is fine with your baby... good luck to you.


parkermegan - February 3

Is that a normal sack size for 6 weeks?? A piece of rice??


VijiKishore - February 3

Can you tell me the size in mm or cm? The sac definitely will be small in 6 weeks... but the measurement would be required to answer it perfectly. Thanks


VijiKishore - February 3

And also.. you should have seen a yolk sac along with the gestational sac... I could see mine in 5 weeks. Were you mentioned anything about the yolk sac during your ultrasound?


meg - February 3

VijiKishore, I have a question for you relating to your last message. I had an u/s two weeks ago...I was 6 weeks & 3 days at the time. I never saw the dr., the technician just told me what she saw & she couldn't really say anything else...they saw a hb, a yolk sac, & a gestational sac. Is this all very promising? This is my 1st, & I just really want to get to my 2nd trimester!


VijiKishore - February 3

Hi Meg, It is a good sign to see a yolk sac along with the gestational sac... as you could also see the heartbeat of the baby... there is nothing to worry... everything looks awesome with your baby.


HunnieBunch - February 9

Last July I went to have an u/s at 11 weeks and they couldn't find a heartbeat. The baby died at about 4 weeks. I had no cramping, no bleeding, nothing. After I found out I started to bleed 3 weeks later. I felt fine and hoped they were wrong. But they weren't.



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