Miscarriage And Pregnancy PLEASE Read

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parkermegan - February 6

I know this question has probably been asked before, but I really would like to get an answer!! I am in the process of miscarrying. I am about 6 1/2 weeks, although my doctor told me that the baby never even started developing. I want to try again asap! I am ready to be pregnant with a healthy baby. I have seen a few doctors and they all told me something different. One told me if you miscarry before 8 weeks it is ok to try as soon as you miscarry, he told me I would probably ovulate after the miscarriage because it would be like a period to my body. One doctor said one cycle, one said a few months!!! Did anyone try again immediately and get pregnant the first month after a miscarriage?? If so has it been a healthy pregnancy so far?? How long did you all wait???


AshleyB - February 7

I've heard of alot of women going on to have healthy babies, without having a period after their m/c. But I've also heard of alot of women losing the next baby too. I"ve been doing alot of research on it on the net, because I just had a m/c and d&c on Dec. 30th and i didn't want to wait the 2-3cycles my doc told me to either. I wanted to go right away. I had this overwhelming feeling (obsession) to just be pregnant again, no matter what. Well , we tried, but I got my period anyway and now I'm amazed at much more secure I feel now that my period is here. I've heard soooo many people say to just wait at least one cycle, and I didn't want to , but inside I knew it was best.. But I"m impulsive, so we ttc'd anyway, but no success. Anyway, my period just started yesterday and i feel so secure in knowing this is what was best for my body. To give it a chance to heal and recover. After one period you should be good to go. But of course it's up to you and what you feel comfortable with and what your heart tell you to do. Me, I wanted it right away, but it just didn't happen and now I'm glad. Now I can start fresh,and hopefully we'll get lucky at the end of this month. Good Luck to you. Basically do what you heart tells you. They say it's healthier to wait one cycle, but there's no real concrete evidence on it. So go with your gut and do what's right for you.


Laci - February 7

i wrote this to a woman earlier who asked like the same exact question, lol i hope it helps ***Hey i had a miscarrage on Nov 10 and 2 weeks later i consived, i was still so sad about the MC then i found out i was preg again on dec 5! i went to the doc and sure enough i got pregnant exactly 2 weeks after my MC began. my step mom did the exact same thing. she had a mc then exactly 2 weeks later she got pregnant and now i have a happy healthy 1 year old brother. i would say start trying when you feel ready.*** o ya and now i am almost 13 weeks pregnant


parkermegan - February 7

thanks for your advice. I know a lot of people who didnt wait either and had healthy pregnancies. I never really felt pregnancy because my hormone levels were so low, so I don't feel like I am recovering from anything, so I dont want to wait. We might just not be careful this month and see if it happens. I just started really bleeding yesterday. I have spotted for about 1 1/2 weeks. The doctor told me I might just even spot with the miscarriage because I didn't have a lot to pa__s because the baby never started developing. Well, how long did you all bleed? I don't know how to know when I would be ovulating because I dont know when the first day of the miscarraie would be...I mean I have been spotting for 2 weeks this Saturday and just now started bleeding. I am still not heavy though! Well, any advice I would appreciate!!


Michelle C - February 8

ive had 3 miscarriages. the last one was this past october at 6 weeks. i pa__sed it naturally because i was so early a D&C wasnt needed. after my other miscarriages i waited a year with one, 6 months with the other and i still miscarried no matter how long i waited, so we decided to try again right away. after the bleeding stopped from my miscarriage we started and i got my period the end of november. then i didnt get my period for december and now im 10w 5d preggo and i have a confirmed heartbeat for the first time in all my pregnancies. i read somewhere that you wont get pregnant if your body is not prepared to handle it. everybody is different. The same thing happened with me, i didnt need to get over it because i was so early and my levels were so low that i never even felt pregnant. do whats right for you and hopefully everything will work out for the best. Good luck!



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