Miscarriage Fear

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Jenn - May 11

I am about eight weeks pregnant, due December 22. I loss a pregnancy at five weeks this past December. Now it seems I'm neurotic about everything, fearing that I'll lose this one too. I'm constantly checking to make sure my br___ts are still sore (they stopped being sore right before the m/c) and am just always gauging my body and symptoms to "make sure" nothing is going wrong. It's driving me crazy. Anyone else have a similar experience? I could use some insight. Thanks!


Christine - May 11

Yes, I can understand where you are coming from. I had a m/c last July and have been going thru the same feelings/experience as you. Although, I am a bit calmer now that I have seen/heard the heardbeat but not all anxiety is gone. I've been trying to think positive and when one of these fears comes into my head I try to tell myself that it will all work out for the best and not to worry, that this time is different and if it isn't we'll cross that road when we come to it. Wishing you the best!


Kimmy - May 11

I feel like im making myself insane, I have also m/c'd and am soooo incredibly paranoid, especially sice i have had little to no moring sickness. My b___sts are still tender and I am at 10 weeks hoping to find some comfort in my 12th week, but reading around this site i have seen SO MANY women that went for their 12 week scan and discoverd the baby is not developing and needed a D&C. I wish there was just some way that you could know everything was okay. I feel absolutely crazy !!


jojo - May 11

LOL i am so glad i am not the only crazy one this morning i kept telling myself my b___bs were not sore enough what is that wishing for more pain and i want to throw up in the morning lol. i to lost a baby six months ago at 16weeks pregnant so i guess i be the nut job for 7 months good luck all


Dolly - May 11

Same here. I had a m/c last year too. As I was reading, they say that for the women who experienced m/c, their pregnancy will never be as innocent as it would have been. I tend to get very nervous too. Can't wait for the baby to start kicking. Then I think I MIGHT feel better.


Ca__sie - May 11

I think we all have to remember that we really can't do anything to stop a miscarriage from happening. What Christine said is right... things will work out for the best either way. This site is good though to see how others are reacting under the same circ_mstances. I'm always checking for my symptoms too. I try to relax though. I think all mom-to-be's go through this. We're over protective from the beginning. :-)


Amanda - May 11

Hello all I just thought that I would post in here and say good luck to all I have never had a m/c and I am pregnant for the second time and I am over pariond also I think its just the way moms are!!!!We are always gonna want the best for our children.... Its human nature


Pennie - May 11

I think the best thing to do is to get/demand an ultrasound. If you have lost one baby I'm sure your Doc. will be willing to let you have one to make sure everything is all right. I have had one miscarriage and one premature labor at 22weeks. So I know the nerves. But from all I have read seeing that heart beat brings down your chance of miscarrage dramaticlly. I'm due Dec. 16-19 and Monday I have an ultrasound. Seeing that heartbeat will bring a world of piece. Ask you doc. if you can do the same. With everything else our bodies are going through - stress is not something you need. Good luck to you and congradulations : )



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