Miscarriage Or Do You Know

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L - November 27

I had thought I was about 5 weeks and 5 days along based on my last cycle. I started having some spotting, brownish and have had cramps for a while. Went to the ER and HCG was 960 and ultrsound shoud gestational sac but no baby. The doctor says he thought I was 4 weeks and 5 days, Is this possible or have I miscarried a week ago. And if I miscarried a week ago then wouldn't my HCG be lower. He said that 960 was normal for 4 weeks 5 days. I would like some opinions and also I will update again when I get the followup HCG numbers. Thanks for sharring your opinions my husband and I are really scared.


Shannon - November 28

I'm in the same boat as you right now...I went to the ER last Wed. due to cramping and the U/S showed the sac but nothing inside. I thought I was 8 weeks along based on my LMP but the Doc said the U/S showed 6 weeks and 4 days. My Hcg was 21,000 which he said was strong, I dont know what to think? I'm going back on Monday to have another ultrasound done. I hope everything works out for both of us...my stomach has been in knots since last week. I'll prey for you. Good luck!


Debra - November 29

A brownish discharge does not always mean a misscarriage. It could indicate any number of things from old blood to low progesterone levels. The best way to determine a missed aboution it by checking hcg levels which should double every 24 hours, I think. I wish you the best.


Dawn - November 29

Up to what week do hcg levels keep doubling?


L - November 30

Well my follow up HCG was 2400 which was good and I get another tonight. I am also getting a followup ultrasound sometime this week. I'll keep you posted.


Debra - November 30

I read that hcg levels peak between 9 and 10 weeks, decrease slightly around 14 weeks then remain constant throughout pregnancy.


Dawn - November 30

L, how far along are you? Here is what happened to me, On 11/19 I had my first check up, we figured I was about 8 weeks or so, my LMP was 9/21 and with ovulation and such I figured maybe 6/7 weeks from conception (reallly just guess). I was spotting so on Monday 11/22 they sent me for U/S and I was told that there was a fetal pole, no heartbeat, 6 weeks size and 9mm length. I went for hcg test 11/23 the results came yesterday that they were 50,000, apparently lower than they expected the midwife said. I had second hcg yesterday and I am awaiting the results of that. I am praying so hard they go up, I am still spotting, light pink and brown, during the 2 weeks I have been spotting, I had a bit of deeper red, nothing ever heavy, no cramping and no sign of the baby as the midwife told me what to look for when I miscarried. So to date I have not yet miscarried, but they are so positive that it is inevitable. Anyway the waiting it killing me.


Debra - November 30

Dawn, Bless your heart. I hope you get good news from the second hcg. You are in my prayers.


L - November 30

I know the feeling. My LMP was 10-20-04 as well and my ultrasound showed sac and nothing else and levels put me at 4 weeks and 5 days. I go back for another ultrasound monday. I have had prior miscarriages so I am very concerned. Ongood thing though is I have very little to no cramping now and the brown discharge is light. Only when I wipe. I hope yours goes well and keep me posted my email is [email protected] I will keep you posted on my ultrasound monday.


Dawn - December 1

Debra, thank you, that is just what I need, I am praying too. L, let us know how your test goes, did you get your hcg follow-up results yet? I should hear something on the hcg levels this afternoon.


L - December 1

My doctor cancelled the follow up HCG for last night stating that since the first one was really good he would rather just have the ultrasound on monday morning. I am wondering if low progesterone could cause this. I will ask him when I see him monday. For now I am trusting God to take care of my baby. I keep praying that everything will work out.


Dawn - December 1

Well the midwife called and my HCG levels went down. I posted a new question asking if anyone had this before with a good outcome. I am heartbroken and still have not miscarried but I know people who have taken awhile for that to happen. The docter said we will wait until next week to take more blood work for another hcg. U/S only if I start to bleed again. I really don't want medical intervention I prefer to let things happen on their own. I have been through this before with a 19 week fetus and only had choice of delivery or an E&D, took the E&D as I could not bear the thought of labor an no healthy baby. Anyway we'll just keep waiting and praying until next week.


Debra - December 1

Dawn, I am so sorry to read your news. I know it is difficult but try not to dwell on the negative. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I hope someone on this forum can give you some rea__surance :)


friday - December 16

my question is has anyone had levels contuimg to get lower and had a good outcome



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