MIscarriage While Taking Progesterone

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were reed - August 13

I have two healthy children, and have also had 2 early m/c and one at 13 weeks- where the fetus measured 11 weeks. I asked my dr. about checking progesterone levels this time (I'm now almost 6 weeks), and he said that it was probably chromosomal problems before and that healthy pregnancies would have high progesterone levels, and unhealthy pregnancies would not. So- he didn't check my levels or seem to think that it would help. So if that is the case, I am wondering if anyone took progesterone during the first 12 weeks, but still had a miscarriage.


margie - August 13

i had a miscarriage feb 2007, got pregnant march 2007 and went on progesterone and carried full term with a completely healthy baby


mcbee - August 14

I've had low progesterone with past pregnancies and lost them. This time, I was given Prometrium because I was on infertility treatments. As soon as I got my BFP, I started taking two pills a day (this was a Fri. evening). I wasn't able to get my prog. levels checked until Mon. morning. Even though I was on progesterone, my levels were still only 15.5 (My doc wanted it to be at least 20), so I started taking 4 pills a day. My prog. levels shot up. I am now 19w 4d pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Don't let your doctor tell you that there's nothing to be done about low progesterone in your pregnancy. If I believed that, I would not be looking forward to welcoming my little one in January. By the way, I did miscarry on prog., but I was only taking the suppositories. My new doc said that those just weren't effective enough for women with really low progesterone levels.


stefkay - August 15

Progesterone can be very helpful in some instances, but it will not save a pregnancy that is not going to make it for reasons other than progesterone deficiency. Chromosomal problems are the main reason that pregnancies fail and progesterone will not help in those cases, or in many other instances either. I personally had several early losses and we never were able to pinpoint exactly why. I was put on a treatment consisting of several different things, one of them being progesterone (Prometrium 300mg per day) and I have no idea if that alone would have helped, but if I do ever become pregnant again I will take it. Oh, and my daughter was born on July 8! After 6 early losses, so miracles happen :)


mcbee - August 16

stefkay, you're exactly right. That's why doctors don't often check progesterone levels with first or even second pregnancies (if the first ended in m/c). So many women have m/c due to chromosomal issues. However, it sounds to me like you have enough problems with m/c that they should be concerned about your progesterone levels.


bettyg - August 25

I m/c while on Prometrium but later discovered I had other issues as well. I took it for this pregnancy as well just as a precaution and also took additional meds and am now 29 weeks.


DeeD - August 30

You need a new doc. Both my sis and I had early mc's while on progesterone, but clearly they were chromasomal issues, but while on progesterone we also carried to term also. Your doc is ignorant if he won't even check it. I would definitely get a new doc and get on progesterone. You can get progesterone cream that can *help* for now while you get a doc who actually cares. I had a friend that had 3 mc's in a row. I told her to get on progesterone...her doc told her it was "voodoo"...I was so ticked off. Well, she got a new doc and guess what? She had a progesterone issue. She went on progesterone and is now 20 weeks pregnant! Some docs are just ignorant know it alls. Make sure you get a good doc who will listen to you and check things just because you want him too. GL!



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