Miscarriaging Or What Help

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micy - October 2

Hi guys, Im 80% sure i was concieved the week sept2-sept8,. I went to do an u/s, both tummy and transvag on the 28th Sept( that wud be 3 wks) (Machine wud measure 5 wks) Tech saw no ges sac. he wasnt encouraging at all. At that time i had no spotting, or cramps. My doc told me to rep u/s in 10 days, i also did blood test to see if my level is rising, supposed to pick up results 2day, but i started spotting on sun Sept 30, no pad just liners, alittle red then very dark now, it has taperd off since. has any one ever exp this b4 and things came out fine? im so worried !


sarah21 - October 2

I haven't been in your situation. Sometimes they can see a sac at 5 weeks, sometimes they can't. It depends on the tech and the machine. Spotting isn't uncommon, so it could all be just fine. Keep us updated.


micy - October 2

thanx 4 ur supprt. do you about how much blood u wud pa__s if u r miscarrying. say like about how many pads or so?


Stephanie_31 - October 2

Are you still getting + HPT? If so, are they getting darker. This will tell you if it was a chemical or not.


micy - October 2

yes i took a test this morning and its +, it came up really quick. What is a chemical by the way?


amylove0701 - October 2

hello micy....how far along are you? As long as the spotting has decreased you should be fine.... i had a m/c in april and i started spotting brown just a tad and then it got a lil more so i went to the dr. he did vag. u/s and showed me the sack...sent me for blood work and told me to keep my feet up and rest.... well i wound up going for the 3 day b/w and actually pa__sed a huge clot at the hospital...and then another later at home after that a full on period came so as long as its not continuing DONT WORRY it only maked its worse!!! GOOD LUCK and fx its nothing!!


micy - October 3

Hi guys, just got hcg rsults, for Sat Sept 29 it was 33410 and for Mon Oct 1 it was 36380. I think thats good news, but i thought it wud have doubled, any i will repeat u/s on Mon, so Im hpoing they will see someone lol



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