Missed Miscarriages

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Susanna - November 17

Does anyone know what the % is for having a missed miscarriage compared to another kind. Has anyone had two missed miscarriages in a row? I had one last year and I am worried I may be having one this time. Had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and saw the baby with a heartbeat. I have been queasy with sore br___ts, thrown up a couple of times, but now it feels as if everything is going away. I should be twelve weeks tomorrow, but I am scared something is wrong. I have had no pain or bleeding. Thanks for any info!


jenn - November 17

I was told that you have a 15 to 20% chance of a blighted ovum (missed miscarriage), but once you see the heart beat, the risk of m/c drops to 5 to 10%. Statistically, you're on firmer ground once you see the heartbeat. GOOD LUCK !


eyebeeablessing2u - November 17

I thought symptoms usually go away after the first trimester anyway.... you might just be at that point.. and yes.. you saw a heartbeat so I am sure everything is ok...


m - November 17

I'm not sure what a "missed miscarriage" is. I had 2 miscarriages in a row, but what does missed mean?


Aisha - November 21

i had two miscarriages in a row, one at 12 wks and the second at 9 weeks, i am now 5 weeks pregnant, hoping everything is ok! im not sure bout the missed miscarriage


jenn - November 21

I was told that the "missed miscarriage" is the blighted ovum. When you haven't bled but development of the fetus stopped long ago. My OB said that he usually suggests a D&C in such circ_mstances because the pregnancyy is not viable & it could take weeks for your body to figure it out. Luckily (I guess), I didn't have to make that decision. I would imagine that its hard to agree to a D&C when you haven't had any bleeding or anything - even if the ultrasound only shows an empty sac.


Brittany - November 24

Ive had a missed miscarriage, and ended up havn a D&C. im pregnant again after 6 mths since i had the surgery. Im about 9 wks along, and i also have the concern about having a miscarriage again....


anna - April 22

Is it possible to miscarriage one baby when pregnant with twins


lilmum - April 22

the chances of a missed misscarriage are around 1% of all pregnancies. It's very rare and the baby stops growing very early on, but your body doesn't know it happened and continues on for a few weeks like everything is ok. It's very scarey and very tragic. I am sorry you had one, but at 9 weeks with a heartbeat, everything should be ok. ANNA, yes it is possible to misscarry one baby while carrying twins. The odds of it are actually much higher than you think, except most time it happens within a few weeks of conception and you may never know you were carrying twins. If you have had an ultrasound showing two heartbeats, i wouldn't worry much, you have a good chance of carrying both. Good luck.


Christy - April 23

Anna- Yes, it is possible. My friend didn't even know she was pregnant when she miscarried one of her twins. She was bleeding and cramping- went to the hospital and they told her that there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that she had a miscarriage. The good news was that she was still pregnant with the remaining twin, who is her 13 year old son today. It's wierd and rare, but it happens.


Jess - April 25

I just wanted to clarify that a blighted ovum and a missed miscarriage are not the same thing. A bighted ovum is when nothing developes except for maybe the sac. A missed m/c is when the baby stops delevoping and there were no signs of a m/c. This is usually found through u/s.


Tiffany - May 1

I was diagnosed has having possible miscarriage I was bleeding pa__sed clots and one piece of tissue. Im curious why there suggesting just a possible miscarriage and not a miscarriage. Is it possible to still be pregnant after bleeding and pa__sing a little tissue? Any help would be great the doctors seem to not be able to tell me anything for sure.


hammie - May 9

i had a missed miscarriage years ago. it was the worst experience ever,. I was supposedly 9-10 weeks along and when i started bleeding a little, i had an u/s adn found out the fetus stopped at 6.5 weeks. My doc, switched right after, had me bleeding for 9 weeks straight. he wouldn't give me a d/c. i went through those pad so quickly. I love my doc now. My husband and i are ttc, but i get that fear of what happened a long time ago.


bell - May 10

How do u know when u have had a missed miscarriage?


Justine - May 11

Tiffany - It is possible still to be pregnant after bleeding. A threatened miscarriage is where your cervix is closed so the pregnancy will most likely continue but you're bleeding.


Tina - May 28

I just had my second missed miscarriage (aka 'missed abortion' - oh, I hate that term). With the first pregnancy, I started to bleed lightly at 10w5d so my doctor sent me for an u/c and the baby had only developed until 6.5w-7w's. It took us 12m's to get pregnant again. Had no real morning sicknesswith either pregnancy, but my doctor sent me for regular hcg level tests with the 2nd pregnancy and the levels grew rapidly and stayed high right up until my last results at 10w's. I had felt really tired for the first 6-7weeks and then my fatigueness leveled off. She sent me for an early u/s because of first missed miscarriage and ironically we went at 10w5d. Had no signs of bleeding/miscarriage and at this u/s we were told that the baby only developed until approx. 6w2days. Had d&c both times and it's hard to believe that the baby hasn't survived when you don't see the physical signs, but the d&c was the best option for me. Lets hope three times is a charm......


Tara - May 30

I found out 3 days ago at 12 weeks my baby had no heartbeat and I was going to miscarry. I have no cramping and very little spotting. I



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